Latin Ballet of Virginia “Be Proud of Yourself Day Camp”

Summer Arts Education Day Camp 2011
“Be Proud of Yourself”

July 5 – July 15*
July 18 – July 29
August 1 – August 12

*For the July 5-July 15 camp. We will be one day shorter in observance of Independence Day.
You or your child is welcome to make up the day by attending any four evening classes between June 20 and August 12

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We invite you to join the Latin Ballet of Virginia for a summer filled with rhythms, dancing and fun!

The Latin Ballet of Virginia is proud to present the fifth annual, “Be Proud of Yourself Day Camp”. Our primary goal is to provide learning in an exciting and interesting format. We strongly believe in the arts’ ability to inspire a child’s creative self-expression and intellectual growth. Students develop notable self-confidence, a sense of discipline and the joy of sharing skills; discovering a greater regard for dance and connecting dance forms to specific language and culture.

The “Be Proud of Yourself Day Camp”, is for children ages 5- 16, Mondays through Fridays, from 9 am to 4 pm, at The Cultural Arts Center of Glen Allen. Each camp is held for two weeks, and includes classes that explore various dance techniques including ballet, Latin jazz, modern and hip- hop, plus other classes such as dance history, creative movement, drums and percussion, arts and crafts, and much more.

Our unique program is taught by professional dancers and musicians, of the Latin Ballet of Virginia, who have years of performance and teaching experience to share with each student. The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen, the home of the Latin Ballet of Virginia, is a facility unlike any other in the Richmond area. Classes are held in professional dance studios and art rooms, and the end of every two-week session will culminate in a performance by the students, incorporating what they have learned throughout the camp.

  • All students need to bring lunch and snacks.
  • Any color and style leotard and exercise clothes, Ballet shoes, Jazz sneakers or Jazz shoes are necessary for the dance classes.
  • An old t-shirt will be necessary for the Arts and Crafts classes.
  • A sweat-shirt to warm up after exercising (some times the air conditioner during the summer time can be very cold after cooling off exercises).
  • Children can be dropped off as early as 8:30 AM and be
  • picked up as late as 5 p.m.

INSTRUCTORS: Ana King, Will Sterling, Lawanda Raines, Kevin Davis

PHILOSOPHY: Spread the Joy and Happiness through the Beauty of Dance

Classes Description

Movers & Shakers (5–7 years old): Will explore the world of creative movement and rhythms with a tropical flair. Through the use of games and props, children will become comfortable moving and dancing creatively, while gaining confidence to express themselves artistically. (Exercise clothes – Bare feet)

Techno Hip Hop (8-12) & (13-16): A form of high-energy street dance that incorporates dance technique while moving rapidly to advance skills. (Exercise clothes – Jazz sneakers)

Gymnastics-Capoeira (All Ages): High-energy dance and Martial Arts form from Brazil, that works on flexibility, rhythm and coordination. (Exercise clothes-bare feet)

Spanish Thru Dance (All Ages): Participating in authentic use of the Spanish language through creative movement, directions and commands. (Exercise clothes – Bare feet).

Latin Ballet (All Ages): Basic Ballet technique class focusing on classical Spanish and Latin American dances. Most of the ballet exercises are performed to Latin American music and rhythms. (Leotard and tights of any color, ballet slippers)

Latin Jazz (All Ages): Latin jazz technique with authentic Latin American dances such as salsa, merengue, cha cha cha, samba, reggae and mambo. (Exercise clothes – Bare feet)

Modern Jazz (8-12 & 13-16 years old): This class encompasses a wide range of contemporary dance forms, from basic modern to jazz techniques. (Exercise clothes – bare feet)

Dance Improvisation (8-12 & 13-16 years old): Dance Improvisation explores creative movement and dance through games and exercises without concentrating on dance technique. This class gives students the freedom to express themselves creatively and artistically. (Exercise clothes – bare feet)

Dance History (All Ages): By looking at video tapes, coloring and drawing, participating in acting skills and games, reading and writing; children will learn about dance history and its evolution.

Arts & Crafts (All Ages): Focuses on drawing, coloring and on the construction of a scrapbook of the camp’s activities.

Drums & Percussion (All Ages): Children will explore Caribbean and South American rhythms by learning to play percussion instruments.

Cartooning, Paper-Mache-Characters: Children will mold their own masks, self portray characters and create percussion instruments.

Dance Theater (All Ages): Dance Theater teaches students “on stage” performance techniques, while learning some basic theater skills.

Fiesta (All Ages): An hour of fun games, dancing, acting, singing, and creating their own choreography. All students will participate in a big party.

Story Telling (All Ages): Students will learn of legends, traditions and the history of the Americas and Spain.

9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Mondays & Wednesdays

5 to 7 year old8 to 13 years old14 to 18 years old
Movers & ShakersDance HistoryDance History
15 min Break—Snack15 min Break—Snack15 min Break—Snack
Arts & CraftsDrums & PercussionLatin Ballet
Drums & PercussionArts & CraftsAudition Preparation
Dance HistoryLatin BalletHip  Hop
15 min Break—Snack15 min Break—Snack15 min Break—Snack
Latin BalletLatin JazzPedagogy

Tuesdays & Thursdays

5 to 7 years old8 to 13 years old14 to 18 years old
Spanish Thru DanceOutdoor ActivityLatin Jazz
15 min Break—Snack15 min Break—Snack15 min Break—Snack
Outdoor ActivityCartoon/Paper M.Dance Improvisation
Cartoon/Paper M.Spanish Thru DancePedagogy
Rhythms & GamesZumba-YogaSchool/Job Exploration
15 min Break—Snack15 min Break—Snack15 min Break—Snack
Movers & ShakersGymnastics/CapoeiraPedagogy


5 to 7 years old8 to 13 years old14 to 18 years old
Dance TheatreDance ImprovisationDance Improvisation
15 min Break—Snack15 min Break—Snack15 min Break—Snack
Arts & CraftsModern JazzDance Theatre
Gymnastics-CapoeiraDance HistoryDance History
Rhythms & GamesLatin JazzLatin Ballet
15 min Break—Snack15 min Break—Snack15 min Break—Snack
Movers & ShakersTechno-Hip HopPedagogy