Real Cute Kids Contest – Voting is OPEN!



Real Life Studios is once again sponsoring our Real Cute Kids Contest on 3/1/11 through 3/31/11.

Voting begins today, 3/21, and runs through 3/31 for the Real Cute Kids contest.


Anyone may vote ONCE in this contest (in each age category) and voter information is required.  We will not contact any voter or add voters to our email list unless they indicate they’d like to be on our list.

We’ll announce the winners on 4/1/11.

Vote for Real Cute Kid 0-2 Years Old

An example of the fabulous work of Real Life Studios!

Vote for Real Cute Kid 3-5 Years Old

Vote for Real Cute Kids 6-8 Years Old

Winner Real Cute Kids 9-11 Year Old

Thank you to our sponsors for donating these awesome prizes, totalling @$500 in each category (may vary in each age category, and may be subject to change):

Real Life Studios: $150 Real Life Studios Gift Certificate

Core Kids Academy: $100 gift certificate towards any gymnastics class

Learning Rx: Evaluation valued at $149

Dream Dinners: $50 gift certificate

Romp n’ Roll: $50 gift certificate

Toyconomy: (1st three age categories): $25 gift certificate

Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods: $25 gift certificate for Ukrop’s famous baked foods

Kindermusik: (1st two age categories): $25 gift certificate A card valued at 19.95

Gift Certificate to valued at $15

Richmond Rocks Children’s book signed for your child, valued at $12.95

The Science Museum of Virginia: 4-pack of tickets valued at $44

Mom’s Treehouse: $50 Gift Certificate towards any fitness program

A Sonicare toothbrush set from Atkins, Maestrello, Miller and Associates Pediatric Dentists

Toyconomy allows you to rent before you buy - making the best choices for kids.


  1. Brittany, apologies but all photos must be taken by Real Life Studios for this contest. They are free of charge, and we’ve found that for quality and consistency purposes this is the best way to go about the contest–we tried uploading photos in the past and had complaints about size/quality/placement, etc.

    This ensures that each child will get their “fare shake” at the contest!

  2. The site is not working anymore today. It worked earlier and I am getting calls and e-mails galore with people who want to vote for my little guy. Thank you for your help and attention to this matter.

  3. Why is the voting process so complicated? Why can't there just be a vote buttun next to the kids you want to vote for in each catagory. I don't mind inputting info so you can't vote twice I think that is great. Although click here click there scroll down is a bit much for most people.

    Thanks for listening hopefully this process can improve for next year if not sooner.

    Sincerely a concerned voter.

    • Melanie, thanks for your patience as we work on streamlining the process in our new site. We’re learning as we go, and appreciate the ideas. –Kate

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