A little boy, alone out there

All we could all think about all week: in-between work, kissing our children goodnight (thankfully, safe in their beds at home), paying our bills (thankful to have a complete family, whatever that family means, to pay for), was Robbie Wood.

What if we didn’t have that head to kiss? That mouth to feed? The love-of-our life that made work so much more meaningful?

This weekend, Robbie’s family shares the miracle of being home. Today, we witnessed a miracle. Tuesday, every Richmond VA media outlet including ours was asking for help to find Robbie. Over six thousand people volunteered. People are, as Anne Frank once wrote to tell us: good.

Today, he is found–alive–a few cuts, bruises, dehydrated–but alive. I imagined him out there all this week: alone, unable to communicate, unable to understand why there are no parents, no bed, no warm food, no security. Few of us can fathom the immense desperation that must result from losing a child for a few hours (let alone a week); when the child has autism this desperation must increase one thousand-fold.

When I first saw the news come through, a reassurance warmed me. I’ve always known that miracles happened every day. Today we were lucky enough to experience one, together.

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