Mother Daughter Tea & Tasting was Magical

Saturday was a cold and blustery day – but that didn’t stop us from having an incredibly wonderful time at the Green Monkey Catering Mother Daughter Tea & Tasting. The event was held at Glave Kocen Galleries and it was a spectacular event.

Spending the afternoon with my two grown daughters and my oldest granddaughter was great. This was the first in a series of monthly events being offered by Green Monkey Catering, and from the turn-out, it’s sure to be a huge success.

It’s so hard to find time to just sit and relax together with so much happening every day. This Tea & Tasting offered us  a chance to sit back, relax, and have someone else take care of us. Lisa Granger, CEO and Chef at Green Monkey Catering, made it a very special event with incredible natural, organic food — all handmade. Delicate cheddar cheese straws, strawberry basil scones with strawberry cream, English tea sandwiches, fresh fruits, and Grand Marnier infused strawberries dipped in rich dark chocolate were some of the delicious treats. A delicious handmade Lemon Thyme Truffle was the perfect favor at the end of the event.

A variety of teas were served by Carytown Teas including Chocolate Lovers, Plum Oolong, and a delightful Vanilla tea. We loved the incredible array of delicate tea cups and the hydrangeas were beautiful.

My granddaughter was especially excited with the exquisite table settings that were absolutely beautiful — and tea was served from silver pitchers by servers wearing white gloves making it quite an elegant event.

This was truly a special time with my daughters and granddaughter but it became even more magical as the tea was being served. Outside the massive glass windows of the museum, the snow began to fall thick and heavy! What a fun surprise and beautiful setting for an incredibly elegant event.

Thanks to Green Monkey Catering for the time to enjoy an afternoon with my girls as we experienced the joys of a true English tea. We can’t wait to see what Lisa will do in March!