Rainbow Station Offers a Safe, Fun Place to Learn

Leaving your child in the care of someone else is a difficult and serious decision. But when you know that your child is in the care of the teachers and nurses at Rainbow Station, you can rest assured that they are well-cared for in a loving, nurturing, and creative environment.

Everyone at Rainbow Station is passionate about education and making a positive difference in the lives of children. They know that you have entrusted them with your children and they make sure that every day is better than the last.

With programs from Nursery School to Preschool to Private Kindergarten, and then progressing to The Village which is a unique school-age recreational program for children up to age 14, they have plenty to offer too.

Summer Camps

First of all, don’t miss all they have to offer for summer camp. Rainbow Station has plenty of options for kids of all ages. Learn more about them by clicking here. Summer camps offer:

  • Mini-courses on a variety of subjects boost existing subjects or learn new ones
  • Weekly field trips to both fun and educational destinations
  • Regularly scheduled extracurricular activities
  • Blow-out end-of-summer picnic

Check them out now!

Why Choose Rainbow Station?

Exactly why is Rainbow Station such a great place for kids to grow, learn, play and develop? Here are 5 good reasons!

  1. Fun and effective, PLAYWORKS establishes standards of learning for each age and developmentally specific class. Teachers work with your child at his or her own pace to achieve these learning goals through thematic-based teaching and the self-discovery of play, and to measure progress through a variety of developmental assessments.
  2. Nursery School – Your child gets individual attention from primary caregivers, small group interaction, strong teacher-child interactions, and a thematic-based curriculum.  Kids thrive in an environment that also offers music and creative movement,  physical activity, and a focus on cognitive and language, social and emotional development; creative, and fihttp://www.rainbowstation.org/our-schools/ne and gross motor skills. They have fun and learn all at the same time.
  3. Preschool Programs – As kids advance to preschool educational programs at Rainbow Station, they continue receiving individual attention, and participate in primary care groups and small groups. With degreed and credentialed teachers, they have comprehensive learning programs with educational curriculum based on standards of learning (SOL). Teachers encourage interactive learning and group participation to help children develop leadership skills, teamwork abilities, and an understanding of the problem-solving concepts they need to excel. Classroom computers offer enhanced learning and music contributes to fun and education.
  4. Private Kindergarten – Just one more reason to LOVE Rainbow Station! The kindergarten experience is based on developmentally appropriate curriculum and classes are limited to 10 students per teacher. State-certified teachers promote standards of learning that exceed those set by local states. In addition to classroom computers and other interactive opportunities, students can participate in after-school recreational programs. Rainbow Station introduces your child to new learning opportunities, including foreign language and other unique offerings.
  5. The Village – Children up to age 14 are still growing and developing and they need the guidance and leadership of experienced teachers. Rainbow Station’s program offers stimulating recreational activities based on each child’s personal interests. Children may choose to play a board game, work on homework, create a production at the Village Theatre, or visit the library for reading and stimulation. The Café offers healthy snacks and they thrive in a safe, protected and age-appropriate group setting. Check out the Clubs for 5th, 6th, and 7th graders that offer exclusive programs for specific grades. Kids love it!

Rainbow Station’s website is filled with valuable information for you and your children. Find out about their Get Well Place where they provide onsite care in a safe environment staffed with a full-time pediatric nurse. And learn more about their summer camp programs.

There’s plenty to love about Rainbow Station. You will be glad you chose them as a safe place for your child’s care and education – and your child will be cared for in a nurturing, fun, and educational environment every day.

Click here to find the Richmond area location nearest to you.

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