Are You A Good Mom? Checklist

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Who hasn't struggled with the thoughts and worries of motherhood culminating in the ever-present phrase: Am I a good mom?

How do we know we are doing it right? Whatever “it” is or isn't or will be after newest research comes out.

In being the helpful person that I am, I created a simple checklist to help us know once and for all.


If you answered yes to 4 of these questions, you are probably fine, but you could pick a 5th and do it to officially be in the club.

Thanks a lot Fancy Nancy

Me as Fancy Nancy thanks to my daughter. Now we're all in!

The good moms have a secret handshake — actually it’s more of a high-five with our right hand while doing the Heimlich Maneuver in our left arm and continuing to steer a grocery cart with a foot and knee combo.

It’s almost as awesome as most moms are.

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