Feeding the Beast

Truly, it doesn’t matter how you feed/fed your baby(-ies), by breast or by bottle, it’s time to stop.

Please don’t stop nourishing your children; this Mother’s Day weekend, let’s unite as modern mothers.

Moms who know the power we wield in the economy.

Moms who are active participants in political issues.

Moms who support their neighborhoods, their schools and their faith communities.

Moms who are technologically savvy.

Moms who care passionately about their families and what they believe is best for them.

Moms—who as a result of all the above—are a dream demographic.

As moms, we have allowed ourselves to be played as prized pawns—feeding the media beast that intentionally incites division amongst our maternal masses—for ratings, for sales, or even just sport.

Unsure whether we’ve suckled them or bottle-fed them, but we’ve undeniably gorged the gluttonous exploiters of our strongly held, divergent beliefs by arguing incessantly amongst ourselves.

Natural or epidural. Breast or bottle. Work out-of-home or in-home. Public, private or homeschool.

With each argument-fueling message board post, condemning Facebook comment, or abrasive Tweet—at a gut-check level, we’re simply seeking the validation of our own perspectives. No matter how confident we may seem, as soon as we hold a babe in our arms, we’re haunted by that ever-nagging fear that perhaps we aren’t “good,” or doing the exact “right” thing for those we love most of all…our families.

In the deepest reaches of our birth canal we’re scared: What if we’re not “Mom Enough?”

Face it, the money makers have figured us out. Our quibbling is generating substantial revenue for others….at our collective expense. If that wasn’t bad enough, our in-fighting makes us look petty, judgmental, intolerant.

Let’s lead by example. Let’s trust each other and ourselves. Let’s let it go. Let’s stop feeding the beast.

[*Instead of feeding the beast by featuring the national magazine cover that spawned this post, here is a photo of my much-loved twins. Enjoy.]