A New Support Group For Parents Of Gender Non-Conforming Children: He, She, Ze, and We

rainbow_transgender_symbolA new support group began this spring for the parents of gender non-conforming children in the Richmond area called He, She, Ze, and We.

Many kids do not fit into the binary gender system and need to express themselves with confidence and support. The group provides a safe place for parents to ask questions and share their stories with other open and caring parents in similar situations.

He, She, Ze, and We is not run by experts. The group began with a few moms and dads who wished to serve the Richmond community as well as find support among other parents and caregivers of children who are gender creative.

While gender non-conformity is a continuum, it is important to note that in any given year, 87% of transgender children between the ages of 13 and 20 will be called names and threatened because of gender expression; 39% have heard these negative comments from school staff; 53% of students have been pushed or shoved; and 46% have missed school because they felt unsafe or uncomfortable. (source)

If you are interested in this support group, please email: HeSheZeandWe{at}gmail{dot}com

Remember that this group is for any parents or caregivers with children who are transgender, “princess boys,” “tom girls,” gender fluid, gender creative or anywhere on the gender-variant/non-conforming spectrum. If you know of a family who would be helped by a little more support, please pass along the email address or this article.

Finally, He, She, Ze, and We will remain anonymous at this time given the strong opinions and extraordinary amount of bullying gender non-conforming children go through. As the author of this article, I am acting as a liaison to help protect the privacy of these families. The group currently meets every month and will certainly evolve as the needs of those attending become clearer. However, the meeting dates and times will not be emailed to an inquiry until a screening process has been completed.

Disclaimer: I have not attended He, She, Ze and We, but I know the parents involved and believe in what they are doing. If you have nothing nice to say on the subject, please do not become a part of the problem by leaving rude or ignorant comments on this article. I’d hate to have to pray for your judgmental soul.