Kings Dominion Goes Pink: A Real Richmond Review

Even Snoopy’s goin’ Pink!

When I told my friends I was taking five kids to Kings Dominion I heard the tone of shock and surprise being that I only have two. I’ll admit it doesn’t sound sane, but kids are just easier when they’re having fun. Right?!

Everything’s goin’ pink at Kings Dominion for Pink Days

I had more than the usual reasons to go to Kings Dominion this time. They have a Pink Days for the Cure joining Susan G. Komen in the fight against breast cancer. They were selling rubber ducky-esque Snoopy on a pink float that you could keep or throw into their signature entryway water fountain. My kids enjoyed throwing them into the fountain. All of the employees were dressed in pink and pink flags flew all along the entryway to show their commitment to finding a cure and their efforts to pink up the place were everywhere. I personally love Kings Dominion and so do the kids, but I also love it when my hard-earned money also ends up going to a great cause.

Cute Snoopy swag at Pink Days

We visited the park on a rainy day, which I strongly recommend. There is something kind of rockstar about riding the rides and swimming in the rain. I mean you automatically up your cool factor with your kids just being willing to do that kinda stuff in the rain. The poncho’s are cheap enough and add to the fun. There were snoopies being thrown all over the pool and the presence of the fight for a cure was sprinkled all over the park. How can you NOT feel good about a day like that?

Go ahead and treat your dinosaur-loving kids now while the exhibit is still showing and the rates are low and benefitting The Susan G Komen for the cure and tickets are at an all-time low of $39.99 while this pink affair is in full swing.

We are season pass holders so you may just see us around the park.  In particular standing under that huge water bucket in the waterpark waiting to be splashed down.  Then we can run away and listen to my son repeat for hours: What just happened here?   Be sure to say Hi!

Editor’s Note: Kings Dominion offered trade passes to review the theme park for this event.