Top Posts of 2012 That Had People Talking

Our Top Posts of 2012 list includes articles that had our readers talking…and talking……and talking…..

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Rainbow around The Moon by Meghan Mack

-Mom Arrested for Letting Her Kids Play Outside by Kate Hall

-Does Birth Order Matter? In My House, That’d Be a YES by Katie Mardigian

 -Letter to Working Moms by Nicole Unice

Are You a  Good Mom? by Alex Iwashyna

Real Richmond Parents our collective group of amazing writers, always visited!

What the Kerfuffle is Really About by Tara Casey

The Little Engines that Could (Do the Chevy Road Trip Challenge) by Kate Hall

A Girl Named Ib by Meghan Mack

The Low-Down on Slushy Magic *as Seen on TV by Kate Hall

Bigger Than Brackets, A Lesson in Loyalty by Cheryl Lage

How Chick-fil-A Lost a Fan by Rachel Reynolds

Fifty Shades of OMG by Kate Hall