Real Richmond Review: We Loved Disney On Ice Rockin' Ever After

As we drove to Disney on Ice Rockin' Ever After at the Richmond Coliseum last night, 3-year-old and 6-year-old told me, “We're not sure if we will like this.”

I responded in that very knowing mom way, “We don't have to stay if you don't like it. We just need to try it.”

Within 5 minutes, Disney on Ice won them over. The lights, the music, the laughter. We all loved it!

The program began with a Mickey Mouse introduction and moved on to Ariel, Tangled, Intermission, Brave, Belle and closing. (note: we had to leave after Brave but I was told Belle was the last story. My children didn't want to leave but the exhaustion tears and I NEED THAT ARIEL DOLL had begun in the youngest.)

Disney Rockin Ever after princess

My kids danced and sang and so did we. I thought the Ariel story was particularly well-done especially the Under the Sea act. Day-glo fish and a giant Sebastian plus the “sea” skaters who lift Ariel up so she can “swim” in and out of waves.

Even though the announcer referenced all the princesses, I was happy to see so many boys attending and enjoying Disney on Ice. I think all children over 18 months would enjoy the show, but I would be prepared to leave at intermission or after the Brave story if your child is less than 5 years old.


Also, the staff was beyond nice. We purchased those sparkly, spinning, death-to-eyeballs things, and my kids wanted to trade them out for sparkly swords halfway through the show. I couldn't believe that the staff was happy to do it. I'm not sure if that is Disney or Feld Entertainment or both, but I could not have been more impressed.

Some more Disney on Ice tips:

  • Bring cash. The parking is usually cash-only. We paid $6.
  • Bring on sweater. It's literally ON ICE and gets chilly.
  • Bring earplugs if the kids are at all sensitive to sound. It's LOUD. We brought our Nascar ear muffs. My daughter wore hers the whole time and my son put them on after while. I saw a lot of kids with hands over their ears though.

Tickets are still available for Richmond, Virginia shows from 9/21-9/23 so if you are around I hope you get the chance to go.

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