Kings Dominion Halloween Haunt: Real Spooky Richmond Review

This was our view as the 450 Halloween Haunt ghouls paraded out in preparation for the night!

As a certifiable Halloween nut, an invitation to the opening night of Halloween Haunt at Kings Dominion is kinda like inviting a candy lover to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory: HECK YES we’d love to spend the night with zombies, thank you very much.

Our little goblins–and a friend–before the ghouls came out

We’d attended Howl-o-Fest last year and stayed for just a couple hours of the “spooky” evening part of Halloween Haunt even though my kids are under the recommended age (yeah, I’m a rule-breaker.) They were a  little afraid but even my then four-year-old was fearless and realized these ghouls walking the streets were merely fun-lovin’ folk  in costumes.

Let’s just say it wasn’t as smooth sailing this year as my seven-year old started to get really panicky as the fog machines started rolling and some of the bloodier creatures started stirring. “Let’s go HOME!” he cried.

Who doesn’t love to ride the swings at night?

But no sooner had we jumped on the swings, the Anaconda and the Intimidator that he soon forgot about any of the scary folk.

We found that the best way to avoid any of the ghouls (or most of them) if you’ve got a skiddish kid  is

Who doesn’t love the look of a Ferris wheel at night?

to,  keep a map handy and avoid the little “pockets” (many of which are very visible” where they’re hanging out, ready to scare.

If you do like to get your chill bumps raised I highly recommend Medieval Macabre, a classic Haunted House type maze chock full o’ bloody zombies shrieking. Bliss. My husband and ten-year old thought Toxic Plague was thrilling and “just a little scary” too.

We highly recommend the new 3D movie where we had a cat’s eye view through a Haunted House and Blood Drums, a group of zombies rocking on stage which is not at all frightening and will get your feet pumping.

If this is all just way too scary for the kiddos in your world, take an adult night there (we plan to!) or head out for Howl-o-Fest which is a perfectly kid-friendly day festival for the family on Saturday, October 5, 2012.

Check out the Kings Dominion site for a bunch of different discount offers for Halloween Haunt and be sure to check Kings Dominion hours as they’re limited through the fall. Thanks to to the kind folks at KD for the tickets, welcome and great time!