Get Your Body Back Now!

Do you ever wish you could get your “body back”?

You know – the one you had in your early 20’s, or before you became pregnant? If so, you’re not alone.

Now there is a way to do it! And if you don’t believe it, just ask Lisa McGhan who knows it works.Lisa was recently featured in a Richmond Times Dispatch article.

Lisa McGhan – Photo source:

Lisa’s Story

Lisa is the mother of four children under the age of 10, and she has been overweight since third grade. She peaked a couple of years ago at 310 pounds in her mid-30s. She started Body Back at Mom’s Treehouse at 288 pounds – she lost 19 pounds in her first Body Back session, and went on to lose 75 pounds!

She attributes it all to the Body Back session and learning to move and live a healthier lifestyle – thanks to Mom’s Treehouse and their supportive and encouraging programs.

Rachel Pustilnik, owner of Mom’s Treehouse, said McGhan has become a role model for others.

Body Back Classes

Mom’s Treehouse offers an awesome Body Back class for women. There are THREE great reasons for you to participate in the next session which begins November 5th.

#1: LOSE FOUR POUNDS this holiday season – Last year the AVERAGE Body Back Client lost FOUR pounds during the holiday season…that session includes Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years!  So when most people are GAINING 5-10 pounds, you can be LOSING!  Moms lost as much as 5% of their body weight in the holiday session alone.
#2  Receive AMAZING benefits when you return for another Body Back session.  Just ask Racheal Y, who stopped Body Back in February 2012, but returned this session.  Here is her opinon on why she found it imperative to return:
1) Why did you decide to return to Body Back?
I decided to return to Body Back for multiple reasons…I left thinking I could continue to work out on my own and continue to eat healthy. Body Back had given me the tools I needed to stay healthy. I started off working out 6 days a week and ate well. As months went by, my workouts dwindled to 3-4 workouts a week using workout videos and running. I finally realized it wasn’t just the tools that I needed, it was the support I got from the Body Back instructors and the amazing women who carried me with them along our journey.
2) What did you miss most about the program?
I missed the entire experience I received from the Body Back program – the friendships, support, and the chat group from the women in the class, the food journaling and the instructor who took the time to look over it and make comments or suggestions. I also missed being held accountable for showing up to class, and the 5 minutes of relaxation at the end of our workouts.
3) What is the greatest lesson that you have learned from being part of Body Back?
The greatest lesson I learned from Body Back was to love yourself, nobody is perfect, and there are women who go through similar trials and tribulations as you, and to take time for yourself no matter what life throws at you.
4) Since you have returned, what are you most benefiting from?
Since I’ve been back I am most benefiting from the sense of empowerment that I receive after every class.
5) What advice would you give to someone who has stopped the program?
The advice I would give to someone who has or wants to leave the program is don’t! You can eat healthy and work out on your own but you will not get that sense of accomplishment, strength, power, and support from any other gym or on your own.
#3: Classes limited to TEN SPOTS ONLY! Mom’s Treehouse commits to providing you the highest quality classes and support possible.  During this session, every class will be capped at 10 moms only.  Sign up fast before the classes are full!
11/5-1/3 (no class week of 12/24)
    * Mon/Wed 5:30 am @ RAC – CITY LOCATION (8 spots left)
* Tues/Thurs 5:30 am Mom’s Treehouse (3 spots left)
* Mon/Wed 9:30am Mom’s Treehouse – babysitting available (4 spots left)
* Mon/Wed 6pm Mom’s Treehouse – babysitting available (8 spots left)
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