Okay Here Comes the Rant!!!

Wednesday: The teen misses swim practice (again!) because of technology lab (States is coming up in a couple days). As soon as he gets home, he gets an e-mail informing us that there is a very important info session at the High School this evening for his science course next year. I have a charity event at the same time, and my husband winds up leaving work early to cover.

Later that evening, when we are all finally back at home, my son’s phone starts blowing up, going “Plong!” about every thirty seconds. His technology team is still working on the project, and they are relentlessly messaging each other. He cusses, throws some info at them then declares he’s done for the day.

Thursday: Technology lab again, until evening. He has a ton of homework. His cold isn’t getting any better.

Friday: He misses a day of school, including a history test which he will have to make up, because of States. Today, other kids will be missing not only a day of school, but the first day of States, because there is a scheduling conflict with OTHER events!

Saturday: Second day of States. We are unsuccessful at carpooling with anyone, because they all need to leave at different times, because everybody’s brothers and sisters ALSO HAVE IMPORTANT EVENTS this weekend.

Sunday: His cold is terrible and his homework he hasn’t been touched yet. I put my foot down and KEEP HIM HOME from the last day of States. I don’t want him missing school tomorrow. I also don’t want him to miss any more swim practice before the next meet.


Is it because we’re afraid that they won’t get into a good college if they don’t have enough extracurriculars? Is that why we run ourselves ragged trying to be in three places at once every evening and weekend?

Are we counting on sports scholarships? And would that cover all of the expenses we incurred over the years from them doing sports in the first place?


We are creating over-scheduled, stressed-out kids who will grow up to be over-scheduled, stressed-out adults… who will continue the cycle, because this is all they’ve ever known.

And that’s because they never had time to just be kids, in the first place.