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Did you know that Virginia Women’s Center provides with weekly health tips EVERY week!

These short bits of valuable information help you stay healthier and you can find the resources you need to improve and maintain good health right at your fingertips. These women’s health professionals also provide you with important information about preventive screenings for early detection of serious illness. They’re written by healthcare professionals who make it their job to stay on top of what’s happening in the field of healthcare for women of all ages – and who are dedicated to women’s health through every stage of life.

Virginia women's center health tipIf you haven’t been reading these weekly tips before, now is a great time to start. They’re easily accessible on the front page of our website on the right-hand side right under our calendar link.

The week of September 2 includes tips on managing Back to School Stress. You’ll also learn more about ovarian cancer, mammography, eating nutritiously, and much more throughout the month.

And check our archives for great tips on the Gardasil vaccine, prenatal testing options, perimenopause, exercise during pregnancy, preparing for your annual GYN exam, and much more.

If you have a particular topic of interest, let us know and we’ll pass it along to the medical experts. It may be covered in a future health tip of the week. Email your topic to me at

Thanks to Virginia Women’s Center for helping us find answers to questions we have about getting and staying healthier!

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Rhonda is the mother of two adult daughters and a grandmother to five wonderful grandchildren – and our only grandmother on staff. She spent 25 years in corporate healthcare managing prenatal and disease management programs. She is the Content Manager for Richmondmom and contributes her expertise as both a mom and grandmother – while sorting out the many opportunities for our valuable advertisers.

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