October 14: Debunking the Myths of Mammography


 Provided by Virginia Women’s Health Chances are we’ve all heard (or used) one of the following reasons to delay an appointment or even skip a mammogram all together. Mammograms are painful The appointment for a mammogram will take too long I’m embarrassed by my body and fear what the technologists will think “No news is […]

October 7: Mental Illness Awareness Week


Provided by Virginia Women’s Center A mental illness is a medical condition that affects an individual’s ability to think, feel and relate to others. In addition, it can create problems with daily functioning. Although we all may experience a wide range of emotions with occasional ups and downs in our daily functioning, there must be […]

September 30: Osteoporosis

Virginia Women's Center

Osteoporosis is a disease where bones become fragile and are more likely to break. If not prevented or if left untreated, Osteoporosis can painlessly progress. Sometimes, the first symptom of Osteoporosis is when a bone breaks. Fractures in individuals with Osteoporosis typically occur in the hip, spine or wrist. While men can develop Osteoporosis, it […]

September 23: Fruit and Veggies More Matters Month

Virginia Women's Center

September is “Fruit and Veggies – More Matters Month.” Here are some reasons why fruits and vegetables are important parts of a nutritious diet: ·         They are convenient and nutritious in any form – fresh, frozen, canned, dried and 100 percent juice. ·         They may help reduce the risk of many diseases, including heart disease, high blood […]

September 16: Mammography

Virginia Women's Center

Over the past couple of years, the debate over how often women should have mammograms has continued to change and evolve as the results of new studies have been presented. The result? Unfortunately, many women are confused – and rightly so, as different professional organizations have different recommendations. At Virginia Women’s Center, we follow the […]

September 9: Ovarian Cancer

Virginia Women's Center

Ovarian cancer can affect one or both ovaries. Ovaries are the two organs on either side of the uterus that are responsible for storing eggs or germ cells and producing the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. There is no screening test for ovarian cancer, but a yearly pelvic exam may help diagnose problems with the […]

September 2: Back to School Stress Management

Virginia Women's Center

Whether or not you are sending little ones off to new classrooms this year, the anticipation of fall leaves and cooler temperatures signal a fresh start for many of us. While we often look forward to back-to-school routines and schedules, we also must acknowledge the stress and anxiety that can accompany this time of year. […]

August 26: In-office Procedures

Women who experience unusually heavy bleeding most months may have menorrhagia. Menorrhagia is the medical term used to define menstrual periods in which bleeding is abnormally heavy or prolonged. Heavy bleeding is defined as a woman soaking through a pad or tampon every hour during the heaviest days in her cycle. There are many causes […]

August 19: The Gardasil Vaccine

Gardasil, a vaccine that is approved for females and males ages nine to 26, protects against four strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV). Virginia Women’s Center was the only research site in the Richmond area involved in the clinical trial leading to the approval of the Gardasil vaccine in 2006. In females, Gardasil helps protect […]

August 12: Prenatal Testing Options

If you and your partner are considering pregnancy or are newly pregnant, you might be amazed and/or overwhelmed with the number of prenatal testing options available. There are three different types of genetic testing that are offered during pregnancy. Carrier testing of both parents will detect if either parent is a carrier of a certain genetic […]