Hallowed Cuteness for Halloween?

Guest Post by Fiona Bessey-Bushnell

giraffeHalloween has been one of my favorite holidays as a mom. In previous years, my kids dressed as endearing little zoo animals. You know the ones. The sweet-giraffes-with-soft- fuzzy- tails and the itsy-bitsy –spider-with-adorable-padded-tummies.

However, my kids are fast aging out of the cutsie outfits. Last year, they both wanted to be Transformers. I was so excited when my then 5 year old said, “I want to be Bumble Bee!”. I was thrilled, envisioning cute yellow and black fleece and springy antennae sprouting from his noggin. Then I was informed that Bumble Bee was a character, and in fact, was a Transformer. I trudged on:

“are you sure you want to be a Transformer kind of bumble bee? Don’t you want to be a garden variety bumble bee that helps the plants?” Nope.


And so they both went as yellow bumble bees, the transformers. They were still cute, because, you know, they are my offspring. I have to think that, right?

This year, lots more thought went into the costume selection process, as they are clearly taking ownership of their participation in Halloween. I quickly realized that I had to lay down some hard fast rules, when they wanted the gory stuff. My oldest excitedly described a neighborhood boy who had the “coolest pumping heart outside his chest that oozed blood”.

Photo credit: Robert Hunter
Photo credit: Robert Hunter


The rule is: no blood. My youngest suggested a skeleton, because afterall, that didn’t have blood. Hmmm. Still not the look I want my kids to sport…so is any costume okay, sans blood? I was going to have to re-think my guidelines. Other gruesome costumes were suggested. My oldest was persistent, when I echoed my “no blood” rule. “But isn’t Halloween for SCARING people? Can’t we just have fun?”

My boys then decided that they should be zombies. Again, the rule about blood was discussed. There will be no blood.

My husband chimed in (because apparently the image of our sons as zombies wasn’t disturbing enough) – he suggested that they be zombie/vampires and add their glow-in-the-dark fangs they had recently picked up at a festival.  Resigned, I acquiesced.  But there will be no blood.  As my youngest says, “We will just be zombie/vampires that only make good choices.”  Ok then.  Zombie Vampire Role Models.  I can live with that.  Way to spin it, kiddo.
So we will get out the flashlights, reflective tape, and buddy up to stay safe on Halloween.  But don’t be surprised if you see a zombie that hasn’t eaten any “dinner” yet.


And for those of you that are up for the apocalypse, check out the zombie walk in Carytown next weekend here

You can also see Robert Hunter’s photos of the 2012 Zombie Walk in Carytown on exhibit at Luxor Vintage Clothing here


fionaFiona Bessey-Bushnell is an occupational therapist and writer who lives in the West End. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring all the exciting places Richmond has to offer with her husband and two sons.