2013 Supermom Michelle Burdiss is Definitely Super

michelle burdiss and Christa Donahue
Michelle (L) with Christa Donohue (R) at Supermom Celebration 2013.

Many of you may remember Michelle Burdiss as our 2013 Supermom Winner and  for good reason – she’s the mom to five (5) children! And both her mother and her husband nominated her and wrote great letters about her busy life. Imagine how busy she must be with kids, a home, a husband – and a job.

Yep – that’s right. Michelle is an accomplished photographer and you have an opportunity to see some of her incredible work on display during December, 2013. Her work is displayed at The Urban Farmhouse Market & Cafe’s Midlothian location for the very first time.

When I caught up with Michelle, she had her hands full for sure. She was in the middle of the living room with her 6 year old who was reading to her 5 year old – and her 10 year old was helping watch her 15-month old – while she was helping her 8 year old with multiplication. (It made me tired to write that sentence!)

So what did she have to say about that? “Geez!! …I am so excited that this is all working out and I am proving to my children that you can do what you love and make it happen all while raising 5 children. Yay!!”

Michelle is very excited about having her photography on display and she’s gotten lots of great feedback and sales. Here’s what she had to say about the experience the first day she walked into the Farmhouse:

“Today we were able to take the kids to The Urban Farmhouse Market & Café‘s Midlothian location to see my photography on display for the first time. It’s really neat to be able to share that with them, to be able to show them that you can pursue your dreams even if you are busy raising 5 children! (I didn’t have to wait ’til they were older, as originally planned)…. Such a kind staff, great food and products!!! I swear if I lived closer, I would go there all the time!”

Buy a Print and Save 10% for Readers

Photography by Michelle Burdiss Photography

Michelle is also excited to offer readers a chance to purchase prints at a discount. Anyone who mentions gets 10% discount on her pieces. She mostly displays nature photography but in a variety of forms. Framed art, canvas, wood, and metal prints, as well as notecards are available.

Hmmm….sounds like a great holiday gift idea to me!

Hurry to The Urban Farmhouse Market & Cafe in Midlothian because her work is only on display there during December. Watch for her around town though – she’s sure to be in high demand. And she will be the featured artist in April at the Shockoe Farmhouse location.

About Michelle (by Michelle):

Nature Photography and More

Michelle Burdiss“If you know me, you know I LOVE photography. My favorite places to photograph are on the side of the road, out of the way, overlooked types of places. My favorite things to photograph are flowers, interesting bugs and spiders, trees, nature of all kinds and more. Of course I love to photograph my children but for the most part, they will not appear in my photo art that is within this page. [I] hope you enjoy and if you would like to purchase anything – all photos can be made into nearly any type of art, stationery, you name it – let me know.  Mostly nature photography BUT people in nature as well…I can customize wall art, stationery, books, home decor, mugs, puzzles, etc. etc. etc.”

Visit Michelle’s Facebook page at this link.