The Remarkable Farkle McBride and the Instrument Petting Zoo

lollipopEveryone loves the Instrument Petting Zoo at the Richmond Symphony Lollipop Series. Your kids will enjoy a fun time playing the instruments and learning more about them at this pre-concert celebration of music.

On March 15, 2014, kids will not only be entertained by the musical instruments, but they will enjoy the remarkable Farkle McBride who is a musical prodigy. He can play just about any instrument but he’s not very happy with the sound of any of them. That’s until he learns more about the orchestra conductor’s job!

The Remarkable Farkle McBride is one of the funniest and most upbeat concert events you will find for kids. The concert is just short enough to keep kids interested and entertained. It’s perfect for toddlers or older children. The interactive event makes it exciting for all ages and kids will love talking with the volunteers from the youth orchestra too.

Why is Symphony Music Important?

Not only is the Union First Market Bank Lollipop concert series fun, it is an integral part of a child’s education and ongoing development.

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According to Bonnie Simon, former executive director of the Washington Chamber Symphony at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC:

“Many children’s listening experiences are limited to a singer and a guitar, perhaps a chamber ensemble that comes to their school, or the electronic doodling that comes with a book and tape. Symphonic music is grand, bigger than life.”

And Kathy Butera, Lecturer/Supervisor of the Arts, Entertainment and Media Management Department at Columbia College Chicago explains:

“Recent studies show that students who study the arts achieve higher grades in high school and are more successful on standardized tests such as the SAT.”  She goes on to say: “Early musical training helps develop brain areas involved in language and reasoning. There is also a causal link between music and spatial intelligence (the ability to perceive the world accurately and to form mental pictures of things). Music students learn to think creatively and to solve problems in imaginative ways.”

The Lollipop Series is the perfect place to introduce kids to symphony music and provide them the opportunity to see a variety of instruments up close and personal. The Instrument Petting Zoo inspires and encourages children to want to learn more about music.

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Union First Bank Lollipops concert series are a Richmond tradition and this event is sure to engage kids in the incredible world of music.  Click here to purchase tickets.