The Dome Unveiled at the Science Museum of Virginia

Dome SMV CosmicAs Ray Arnold (Samuel L. Jackson) would say
“Hold on to your butts…”

The Dome at the Science Museum of Virginia makes for an absolutely wild ride into the cosmos!

Sitting in a comfy seat, watching the earth, fade back into a small speck and surrounded by planets I’ve never even heard of, I tried to recall the last time I had actually been to a planetarium.

Come to think of it… Have I been to a planetarium before?

As the galaxy I am so fond of becomes indecipherable among other galaxies and we zoom into the expanse of the universe… I know that when (or, if) I went, it was nothing like this.

Simply put, The Dome is awe-inspiring.

The Dome unveiled it’s recent renovation boasting a new screen and a 5 projector system that puts out a picture 14x the resolution of HDTV and the results don’t disappoint.

Cosmic Expeditions, the new daily programming at the science museum, makes full use out of the biggest screen in Virginia combining an astronomy feature, such as Wildest Weather of the Universe with a live presentation.  During the live presentation, viewers will be able to ask questions and take a tour of the cosmos.

10 different presentations will be shown this year allowing Dome image 2visitors to see a seven-month time lapse of the Aurora Borealis, peer into the secret lives of stars, experience black holes and exploding stars and more. The live element of the show changes daily so that each presentation is different from the last.

Cosmic Expeditions is sure to spark the imagination and curiosity in kids an parents alike.

Prefer to stay here on Earth?

The Science Museum of Virginia is also showing Great White Sharks, Born to be Wild and 8 other films to tantalize the eyes and ignite your imagination.

You can purchase tickets in advance online or at the door, but buyer beware: your new flat screen TV is about to look pretty dull in comparison.


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