Theatre Review: Shrek the Musical is an Absolute Delight


Aly Wepplo (Fiona) center, and Ensemble. Photo by Jay Paul

I told my 7 year old son we were going to go see a musical.
“Ugh. A MUSICAL?””What’s wrong with musicals?”
“They are so… songy.”

By the end of act 1, however it was extremely clear, we may be seeing this show again before the run is over.

Virginia Rep’s Shrek The Musical is absolutely everything you love about the movie and then some.
Perfectly cast, Shrek leaves you with a long list of favorite performances.
Jason Marks is lovable from the start as the big green ogre, and carries the show beautifully. Whether he is in the swamp or a dragon guarded tower, the audience is with him every step of the way.
Ally Wepplo’s Fiona combines princess with tomboy perfectly and creates a delightful, well rounded character. Robert King is hilarious as Lord Farquaad, while the only thing that stops Ronnie Brown (Donkey) from absolutely stealing the show is how the rest of the cast steps up with solid and energetic performances.

Also starring in this productions is Brian C. Barker’s vibrant set and Broadway-worthy costume and makeup design from Elizabeth Weiss Hopper.  While it’s hard to imagine Shrek without his signature green looks,  the detail and precision of each character’s costume elevates the show.
Definitely for ages 6 and up,  Shrek takes classic, can’t-fail kid humor (read: fart jokes) and mixes in adult humor (read: one character comes out as a Scientologist) to have the whole audience rolling with laughter.

The show isn’t all jokes and musical dances; there are lessons to be found between the humor: self acceptance, standing up for what’s right and acceptance of each others differences.

Virginia Rep’s Shrek, not only fills expectations, but bubbles over with laughter and delight.
Highly recommended for mature and immature audiences.

Shrek the Musical
March 14 – April 27, 2014

Wednesdays – Sundays
At Willow Lawn
1601 Willow Lawn Drive
(804) 282-2620
Purchase tickets here.

Sarah Cole

Sarah is a full time working mom of four boys. In addition to working and parenting, Sarah has also been seen as an actress on the Richmond stage (and screen).

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