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1. Alison Wells

Alison is a SuperMom to two sets of twins!  The oldest set are six years old, were born prematurely and live with Cerebral Palsy. The youngest two are nine months old. She left her teaching job a year and a half ago in order to care for her children’s therapy needs following an extensive life changing surgery.   Her son had a rhizotomy performed in St. Louis, MO last February and as a result had to attend physical therapy daily for 6 months. They live over an hour away from VCU Children’s Hospital Therapy Centers where they receive therapy. The oldest twins still attend therapy twice a week and Alison usually takes them with the youngest twins by herself. Minus the therapy demands, Alison also takes them to various Dr. appointments and she homeschools the oldest two. Along with taking care of the daily needs of the family household she does it all with a smile. She is laid back, calm and enjoys her children to the fullest, always sacrificing her time willingly. She is truly a SuperMom!

2. Allison Burton McDonald

Hello. I am nominating my sister Allison Burton McDonald. Allison has a 9 year old son name Auston. For years, she could not have a baby do to medical conditions. However, she was always helping other mothers by babysitting, tutoring, cleaning, cooking, pay their bills or any other assistant she could offer.
During her 42nd year, she was expecting her son. The family was so excited for her. She was a high risk patient, but she worked, attended the gym regularly and still assisted other mothers when needed.
Allison has Auston involved in so many activities. Children’s church, Joy choir, Cub Scouts, playing instruments(piano, drums and guitar). He also plays baseball, football and basketball.
Yes, she is a busy mom. She finds time to volunteer at her son’s school, PTA Officer and is a Community Coordinator in her neighborhood. She attends church every Sunday and helps and volunteers in everything her son is involved in.

3. Angel Graybill

I am nominating my beautiful daughter Angel because she is the most inspirational mother I know. Although she has faced struggles as a teen mother, she has proven that no matter what life gives you you can turn it into something beautiful. She is an amazing mother to her son, an amazing soon to be wife, and has worked hard for all that she has. Although she says I’m her inspiration to never give up, she is truly my inspiration.

4. Anne Newsome

Anne deserves the Supermom Award for so many reasons. She is a first time mom to a sweet 7 month baby girl, a wife, and a chief resident at VCUMC! After working 40+ hours a week at the hospital, she has undertaken the huge task of pumping so that she can supply breast milk for her baby, she makes her own baby food, and just recently she began to cloth diaper! Anne is an earth conscious momma and tries to do good things for the planet, too! Juggling all of this, plus toughing out sleepless nights and sick baby days… Anne manages to always have a smile on her face! She has already found that it is best to find the funny in the craziness that comes with having a family! Anne is open and honest about her success and trails as a new mom. It is evident that Anne loves being a mom! I’m nominating Anne, not just for what she does, but for how she does it. Vote for Anne because she’s the kind of mom you want to be part of your playgroup!!!

5. Bernice Major

My mom deserves Richmond’s 2014 Supermom Award because through thick and thin, she raised three pretty awesome kids. And she did it the old-fashioned way. We didn’t have personal technology to keep our tiny brains occupied and our over-active bodies sedated. We didn’t have ergonomically-designed baby furniture.
She taught us wrong from right and most of the time we listened. And when we didn’t listen, well‚ there was just that one time when she broke my He-Man sword. But it’s all good‚ I ended up getting a brand new light saber out of the deal!

6. Caroline Mincks

(Nomination 1) There is no Richmond mommy I know of who does more than Caroline Mincks. While I am out working 6 to 7 days a week, sometimes until 7 at night, Caroline is busy washing dishes, tending to our crazy puggle Percy, vacuuming, sweeping, scrubbing, doing laundry, cooking, baking, grocery shopping, and, all at the same time, still managing to find time to keep our rambunctious two year old son Ethan occupied, entertained, well-fed, bathed and cleaned, well-loved, and out of danger. That is why I think Caroline Mincks is the ideal choice for the title of Richmond Mommy Supreme.

(Nomination 2) I am nominating Caroline Mincks because she is the most deserving mom I can possibly imagine. She is creative, loving, playful, and caring.  Her two year old son, Ethan, will grow up with a mother who truly understands and respects him for precisely who he is. She honors his unique personality & doesn’t try to make him fit into a mold that he clearly has no plan for.  What a blessing for a child to be raised in an environment where being an individual is truly treasured! What a limitless & exciting world it will be for this little boy!

7. Charita Chalmers

I am nominating Mrs.Chalmers, because of her kindness, she cares for others, she a good friend, she help others,  she help feeds the homeless, she is a Mother of two, she a great Aunt,She is an awesome wife, She put others first.
I can go on and on. Mrs. Chalmers works a full time job at CFFC Bank. She shows an example of how a good Customer Service Representative is suppose to be. She always treat the Customers the way that she wants to be treated. There have been times that I seen Mrs. Chalmers give her last to someone who needs it. If she only has a little bit to give she will share that.
This is the reason why I am nominating Charita Chalmers.

8. Charnette Howard

Hello Im nominating my mom, Charnette Howard because she is a super mom due to the things she deals with. She never asks to be noticed but I know her struggles deserve more than just an award. My mother is married with three children. Two sons 9 and 11 and a 20 year old. This sounds like a typical set up but this is just the make up. My brothers are both autistic. This adds to the excitement in our lives. The part of our lives that gets difficult is that the youngest is going through 3rd stage renal failure. He’s been through countless surgeries and the hospital is his second home. His medical health is like a rollercoaster. Things literally are failing at a daily rate. Trying to get this child to understand his condition she’s also has to deal with home. I left school to help the family in this chaotic time but I stress too. My mother is my rock of sanity and God is her’s. This award will bring a sort of peace to her as well as a relief to us to show her what words can’t say.

9. Christine Wansleben

First let me say that ALL moms are SUPERMOMS.  It is by far the toughest, and most rewarding job ever.  This year, I nominate myself, Christine Wansleben. I am a wife, a mother to AWESOME 6 1/2 yr. old twins and a small business owner of a cooking school here in Richmond (for 10yrs & running!).  Late last summer, after 2 months of incorrect diagnosis, I was told that I have an auto immune disease called ANCA vasculitis, which has attacked my kidneys causing renal failure.  This set me on a path of a plethora of medications, most immune suppressants. I became anemic & had 2 blood transfusions.  I also had to go on blood pressure medication. In & out of the hospital several times.  Since February I have been going to dialysis 3x a week. My next step is a kidney transplant. In the meantime, kids are dropped off & picked up at the bus, dinner is made, the house is cleaned and business is taken care of.  Whew…time to reheat that cup of coffee from this morning.

10. Cindy Wyatt

On March 3rd, 2013, my wife Cindy Wyatt tapped into her supermom instincts and took our three year old son Logan to the ER. He was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. In the past year he has been through major brain surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and intense rehabilitation. Cindy has been there for him every step of the way, all the while excelling in a demanding job managing 12 people in the male dominated building industry. This alone could give her a strong case, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We have 5 other children. Logan’s twin brother Carter, Mason (11), Morgan (16), Taylor (20), and Kayla (22). We also have a granddaughter, Riley (4). Cindy spends individual time with each and every one of them on a frequent basis, showing love in a way that you have to see to believe. My wife saved my son’s life, she works around the clock to make sure her family is taken care of, and she loves her children more than anything. She is the definition of Supermom!

11. Dana Kelly

Loving, caring, compassionate, thoughtful, and hard-working…  Funny, organized, and giving even when she has no energy left to give… The one who keeps our home full of love and makes it a gathering spot for friends and family…  She gave up a great career for which she was very passionate in order to be a full-time mom (which was always her dream job).  Dirty diapers and sleepless nights, all endured with a smile because they are for the little boy that is the light of her life.  All of these describe my wife Dana and show why she is deserving of being a Richmond Supermom!  If every parent gave their child the love that she gives our son, the world would be a better place.

12. DeJuana Ponton-Artis

For years I have joked about being born with a cape on and having an S on my chest.  I have & still get comments on how I am doing everything.  I work full time at a very successful company that provides mental health services for youth & their families.  This job is pretty challenging yet with great reward.  I work hard to ensure that my staff provide these youth with stellar services to have the youth return home or back to their community even with a foster family or on their own.  I am also raising 3 children that are successful in school age 6, 10, & 13.  Raising them to give back & to take advantage of all opportunities, & active in their community.  I am also active with the youth at my church & as well as within the last 5 months taken on cancer awareness & prevention as a personal goal due to the diagnosis & death of my favorite Uncle.

13. Domonique Wilson

I would like to nominate Domonique Wilson for the supermom award.  Domonique graduated from VCU with degree’s in Psychology and Criminal Justice in 2009. Domonique reports that she was all set to continue her education toward masters and doctorate degree’s, however she found out she was pregnant very shortly after graduation. She was thrown off by the timing but excited to be a mom. She also reports that she felt like she would not be able to continue with her educational plans due to being a single parent.  Three years after the birth of her daughter she decided to give a master’s program a try. Domonique has since excelled n school maintaining a 4.0 GPA and being asked to join the national honor society for counseling professionals. Domonique juggles her full time job, her full time class schedule, and her most important responsibility parenting her well mannered, polite, and active daughter. Domonique has shown that parenting can be an awesome motivation to do you best and excel.

14. Doris Upton

Our MOM is Amazing! She has always been there for us. I have 2 sisters & a brother that passed away 13 years ago at age 26. She never missed anything we did growing up. Supermom truly fits her she takes care of my grandmother who is 88 , my 3 year old, my new nephew, my 5 year old and my sister’s 10 and 16 year old when they aren’t in school. She makes all their t-Ball, softball, football & baseball games. I am not sure how she keeps up. She also helps with making sure our dad gets to & from chemo even though they aren’t still married. She never meets a stranger in need that she isn’t trying to help. Along with taking care of us she does catering & side jobs on the weekend as well as helping my step-dad who is a mechanic. She is our everything, cook, doctor, caregiver, emergency contact, biggest fan, best nana, babysitter, our person to call for any reason at all. She is always in the shadows of whatever is happening giving everyone she can, her all! We are blessed to call her MOM!!

15. Hazel Ransom

I am nominating my mom as the greatest supermom ever. She works hard and takes great care of her family. She has a kind heart and will help anyone in need. Everyone always has kind and nice things to say about her. She always encourages me and my sisters to do our very best and to always do things that makes us happy and to never compromise who you are for no one. She is my best friend. She’s funny and silly just like me and I enjoy our time together always. She never takes time for herself and this would be great for her just so she can know how much we appreciate and love her.

16.  Heather Vollman

Heather is the coolest, most genuine mom I know. Whether she’s having an honest heart-to-heart with her 8-year-old daughter or rough-housing with her 2 and 4 year old boys, or taking a long walk with her 4th not-yet-born, she is cheerful, energetic, sincere and 100% engaged in that moment. For Heather being a mom isn’t simply a role she plays or a list of duties she performs, rather, she is a faithful, loving friend to her kids. I know that their memories of her will be of a woman who, through good times and bad, was always playing, singing, laughing, working hard, and telling it to them like it is.

17. Jennifer McIntyre

Jennifer has done an amazing job as a mother! The past 10 years have shown how both strong and loving she is! She’s attended college full-time while raising her daughter on her own; she has been working full-time for the past couple years to support her two girls–one of which she recently adopted to provide the girl with a loving home and family life! Being a mom has made my BFF a beautiful, awesome superwoman from the inside out!

18.  Julia Martin

My sister is awesome!She is 29,mother of 3 and a breast cancer survivor! Diagnosed last year June 26,2013.I don’t know how she did it, fighting for her life while staying an active mom!She did not miss work except for her treatment day during her 3 months of chemotherapy. In many households, particularly those with younger children, mothers are use to running the show. They plan their children’s extracurricular activities, their family vacation, and their nights out with their spouse.They often oversee the finances, maintain the house, and manage the health insurance.However emotional and physical challenges of breast cancer can render them helpless.But not Julia, she is a super mom during this difficult time, she did it all.  I can remember talking to her on the phone while at my niece’s dance class telling me how cute she looked. I asked her why was she there especially since she had chemo that day? She laughed and said , “why not?, this is what moms do!” She inspires.

19. Julie Borkowski

My sister is a Supermom!  She juggles basketball, football, baseball, and any other sports her sons want to participate in.  She is supportive of both of her boys in whatever ventures they get in to!  She switches hats to be stay at home mom, student, room parent at both schools, and keeps the family running smoothly.  All this and a clean house?!

20. Kate Snowa

She is a stay at home mom raising my 2 beautiful children teaching them great morals and ethics. My children have learned respect and important social skills that will help them prevail throughout their lives… I admire her for giving up her career for what she feels is the most important job she will ever perform

21. Kimberly Sanchez

Good Afternoon I would like to nominate myself for the 2014 Supermom Award. I am a mother to three children ages 14,13,4. I became a single mother at the tender age of 17. Shortly after at approximately twenty months later I was now a mother to two little girls at the age of 19. I have always dedicated myself to my children I have sacrificed my young adulthood, education, my over all well being just to strive to be the best mother I could be. Now I’m 32 and still a stay at home mother spending my days being very busy and exhausting chasing behind my four yr old son. I have dedicated my entire life to the children so much so that I maybe get a haircut once per yr. Just bought myself a pair of new shoes for the first time in 3 years! I was forced to get those! I’m a simple kind of person. As long as my kids are taken care of I’m content. I will always put them first, however it would be great to give back to myself without having to take away from my children.

22. Kristin Jacobs

My wife is most deserving of this award ‚ not only for the support and love she dedicates to our family, but for the example she sets for our 3 kids.  She embodies what women strive (and deserve) to be:  Strong.  Determined.  Confident.  Accomplished.  Self-Reliant. A leader. Beautiful inside and out.  She doesn’t just work ‚ she started her own consulting company.  She doesn’t just run errands‚ she ran the Boston Marathon.  She doesn’t just get the kids to school, she holds a leadership position in the PTA.  She doesn’t just spend time with her friends, she trains them to run marathons.  She isn’t just a mom and wife, she’s an inspiration.  My kids and I are better people because of her, and I couldn’t ask for a better role model.

23. Lacie Horner

Lacie Horner has been one of my dearest friends for over 25 years.  We have been through thick and thin as we have worked together in the crazy business of radio advertising for all of those years.  I used to tease Lacie that her real name should be “Saint Lacie” as she is just such a good, kind-hearted person, always putting others ahead of herself.  Under the heading, “When bad things happen to good people”, Lacie unexpectedly lost her husband and very best friend a few years ago a week before Christmas, which was also his birthday.  Since then, she has done an absolutely amazing job raising her five children by herself…she gets them to their all of their activities, medical appointments, etc… and does it with such grace and love…she doesn’t realize what an amazing and strong person she is, because that’s who Lacie is…humble.  As her friend, I wish I could give her the world or at least something to make her life a little easier, that is why I nominate my friend, Lacie.

24. Laura Powell

Laura is the most amazing mom to 4 beautiful children. She always lifts them up and makes each one fill special everyday! I think that is an amazing feat as they are ages 1, 3, 5 and 7. She focuses on each child and makes sure that they are given opportunities that helps them develop their inner strengths such as taking them to extracurricular activities that they enjoy.  She fills her house with play dates for each child
and often serving them lunch or snacks without hesitating.  She maintains the normal house to do’s, car pools the kids to their activities, manages homework time, dinner time, bedtime and so forth. Though this is very typical compared to most households. What amazes me is that they are kept on a very strict routine schedule. It works so well that all 4 children are fed, cleaned, bedtime stories and tucked in within 30 minutes or less!!! Laura is truly Super Mom and deserves this nomination and award!!!

25. Lindsay Gullatte

I am nominating myself. I have 5 children..1stepdaughter..I work full time and do community work in my spare time. I am a cheerleading coach. I am Cheer Director for a spring football league. I am a Peer Ambassador for Early Childhood Development Initiative. I never have a day off if Im not busy in my community or at work I am busy being Super Mom to my 6 children all girls and one baby boy.

26. Marybeth Haggard

Marybeth puts the perfect Pinterest mom to shame. She has seemingly boundless energy, an unstoppable imagination, and a deep and true love for her two sweet kids. She homeschooled in a freeing and inspiring way…letting her kids gets their hands dirty in the garden or learning to sew aprons. In addition to the time she gives her family, she runs a provisional garden at her church that donates produce to those in need in her community. She loves her city, loves to shop local and support local events and businesses. Hands down, Marybeth is a portrait of an amazing RVA momma!

27. Maya Whitaker

Someone who is very special to me is my mom.  My mom is a single mom.  My mom goes to work everyday so she can pay bills so I have a roof to sleep under, food to eat, and clothes to wear.  She also cooks the best food.  Sometimes I tell her she should have her own cooking show.  She takes me to some of my favorite places like Jumpology, Bowling, Dave and Busters, and to go get ice cream sometimes.  This is why my mom is so special to me and why she should get the Supermom Award.

28. Megan Davis

Wow is basically all I can say about my sister Megan! She thinks she’s average and far from super which is the greatest thing about the awesome mom she is! She sometimes stretches herself a little thin, but always willing to do any and everything for her children. She is the great mother of two children, Jaylen (8) and Amari (6). While being a great single mother to them she is also the nanny to two twins and the sitter for a few other families and treats them like they are all her own. Not only is she on the PTA, board of directors at the football field, she works, her children do sports, are great students and she cooks dinner and has story time with them everynight. As if this isn’t enough to make some need a nap, she also is super active in her church. They go every Sunday, she is in the big sister ministry and her children and her are in the choir! Megan is big on family and it is wonderful seeing the awesome parent she is to her children and raising her kids to be children of god

29. Melanie Headley

Melanie is an amazing mama to 4 beautiful children and to every other mother that she meets.  She radiates warmth, kindest, and happiness to everyone around her.  Her work as a birth educator, lactation counselor, and doula has changed the lives of countless new mothers in our community.  Through A Brighter Birth, Melanie empowers new mothers with knowledge and confidence to advocate for themselves and their babies during pregnancy and birth.  Not only is she a Supermom; she brings out the supermom in all of us!

30. Melissa Marcelli-Flint

(Nomination 1) My nomination for the Super Mom contest is Melissa.
As a U.S. Army Lieutenant she is dedicated to her job & helps manage the health & welfare of over 100 soldiers. She volunteers in the community w/ her soldiers and also w/ Virginia Crisis Intervention Team. As a mom she is such a positive role model for her 18 mo. old son. She is always encouraging him to try something new, helping him with challenges, learning new words, etc. She is always making life fun.  For Easter, she had an Easter egg hunt at the house, colored Easter eggs, plus more. I find this amazing as she is basically a single parent all week long; working, running the house, & caring for her son. Her husband, also in the military, is 2 hrs away going thru medical treatments & is only able to come home weekends. Life is not easy by any means, but Melissa just keeps going. She never complains, doesn’t get many breaks, but she is always positive. As her Mom I am so proud of her and she is the best daughter.

(Nomination 2) I am nominating my wife as the Supermom because she has done everything and more than anyone I know. We are both in the Military and it can be very hard for someone to be a great mother and wife while dealing with the Military life. She has been a great mother to our son. She is currently been doing the duties of a mother and father while I am stationed away to a different area. While playing the role of mommy and daddy she has always put all get effort into our son solely and it becomes draining after awhile but she will not show it to anyone that she is. She works from 6 am to 6 pm daily and always rushes to take care of his needs at anytime. With me being gone she also has to take our son to work at times when he is not well. With all this being said, my wife has put her needs and time aside for over 18 months to ensure that she can be the best mother and father while I have been gone. She is without a question the best mother I know and is very deserving of this.

31. Rebekah Midkiff

Rebekah is a stay at home mom with two children of her own.  She also keeps a 8 month old little boy to help with her family.  Her daughter is five and goes to pre school and her little boy is 16 months.  Grayson is the cutest little bot.  He has had a few challenges in the past year and has continued through out this year.  There have been many doctor’s appointments and more to come.  I have seen Rebekah’s faith become stronger every day.  She and her husband have turned to God to get them trough this and as the months have past, Grayson has improved.  The doctors said he would never crawl, yet he is crawling, he is trying to walk now.  With their faith being so strong, I feel God will continue to bless this family.  Rebekah has also become a Thirty-One consultant to help her family.  She has a bubbling personality and loves people.  She finds the good in everyone and truly believes that this is something that Gods has helped her find as an outlet for ther to focus on good and not bad

32. Rose McReynolds

I am nominating my mom Rose McReynolds for 2014 Super Mom Award.  Every mother is special to their child, but my mom is just phenomenal.  She has done a wonderful job raising, me and my two siblings.  She always goes above and beyond to provide for us.  She will do anything to make certain we prevail in any program we want to participate in.  She always helps out as a team mom, volunteers her time or coaches for any activity just so all the children that participate have a great experience.  She will work just to make sure we have everything we need to succeed.  She is awesome, she never leaves any kid out, she is the one that provides goody bags or just a hug to each and every child to let them know they are special too.  This past year my mom has had many complications with her health including diabetes, neuropathy, retinopathy, but she still keeps a smile and keeps it moving, although I know she is not well.  We feel she is most deserving of the 2014 Super Mom Award.

33. Sonja Quintana

My mother is not only my best friend, but the ultimate supermom.  Her whole life she has given to others, taken care of others, and sacrificed so much just to make sure her children thrive.  My mother would always foster my creativity by making sure I had the right tools to succeed.  Now at 56, she hasn’t stopped their.  Her adopted 5 year old son Isaiah keeps her on her toes.  Children make her smile, so she started an at-home daycare where she now cares for 4 awesome kids.  They are like family to us and they love Ms. Sonja!  To sum it all up, I am super blessed to have her as my mom.

34. Tammy Motola

My mom is my best friend. I can tell her anything without being judged, resented or punished. She is a great listener and loves me unconditionally. The past 18 months have been extremely difficult because I have been the victim of bullying. Without my mom being there I am not sure I could have made it through all the hurt and pain that it has caused me. She was with me every step of the way and as a result of all the bullying she and I created “The Bully Buzz,” a facebook page where people can talk about bullying, post stories about bullying and discuss all the issues in the world about this horrible behavior. It has given me a sense of empowerment to help others.
The truth is my mom has always inspired me and been there for me and my 3 brothers. Her support and ability to makes us laugh through the hardest times amazes me. The trips we take together, her love and kind heart makes me realize that I will get through all of this and be better because of it. I love my mom!

35. Vanessa Walls

Since it is allowed, I am nominating myself Vanessa Walls. I am a single mother a little girl (2 years old) name Alena Mason. She is the pride and joy of my life. I worked work 2 jobs and take care of my baby girl. 80 hour work weeks are no joke but I recently received a promotion at one job so I should be able to cut back to just one job which we give me more time to spend with my daughter. Even working so much I still keep a clean home, cook meals, take Alena to play and learn several times a week. My agenda is ALWAYS full. I do think that I am just 1 of the amazing Supermoms in Richmond.

36. Wendy Stamper

Hi my name is Kayla! I am writing this on behalf of my mom. In many ways I believe my mom is deserving of winning Richmond’s 2014 Supermom Award. First, my mom was a single mother for eleven years, raising me wonderfully by herself. In late 2011 my mom was happily married and became pregnant within 2012. She has also faced many hardships over the years such as; a miscarriage on her twin boys and working full time, plus going to nursing school full time to provide for both my brother and I. She is truly an amazing mother, who works so hard to provide for her kids. I feel that some days she takes more care of others (especially being a nurse)than herself. My mother works extremely tough and deserves to be genuinely appreciated. Thanks for all the moms out there, we are thankful for your hard work and everyday sacrifices.


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