Monsters Have Taken Over The Science Museum

gorilla smv
The animationic gorilla has 26 motors in it’s head acting as facial muscles to manipulate expressions.

The Science Museum of Virginia is packed to the gills monsters (sometimes with gills) and you are going to love it.

Oscar-winning special effects creator John Cox, created a special exhibit to allow you to get up close to his incredible creations.

I normally breeze by videos which are set up for exhibits wanting to get my hands on something, but the first video of the how they made the gorillas from George of the Jungle 2 was absolutely fascinating.  You are taken from how the actors learned to move their bodies to the addition of the gorilla costume.   Ever wondered how actors fit inside those costumes? See a live deconstructed costume and watch how the actors eyes had to be seamlessly blended into the costume.

Once inside you’ll meet a werewolf and watch how lighting design changes how they look.  See how movies blend animatronic  with real animals for filming (and try to spot the difference.

“We believe in the power of STEM at the Museum. This summer, we will be defining STEM as science, technology, engineering and monsters,” according to Rich Conti, Chief Wonder Officer.

unicornHow to Make A Monster is actually more than just STEM, it’s a perfect example of how art and science can come together. While the engineering and technology are interesting on their own, the artistic qualities and extraordinary attention to detail is what makes each piece come to life.  Perfect for the little engineer and the artist.

Summer movies will take on a whole new meaning when you see a unicorn, get up close with an abominable snowman, touch alien guts(!), wave the tail of a crocodile and watch how it looks on screen.   How to Make A Monster lets you be a part of the movie magic.


Nosh on popcorn and soak up all the action at the Science Museum with their special movie nights and events.



Science After Dark: Monster Editions

Friday, June 20

Enjoy a Horror Movie Panel Discussion featuring horror icons Dr. Gruesome and Skeeter, Bowman Body, and Dr. Madblood, moderated by Sean Kotz, followed by a special presentation of Horror of Dracula in The Dome.

Friday, July 18

Spend an evening in the Museum to experience live science activities including brain dissections and monster CO2 Racers. After the activities, take a seat in The Dome to see a special presentation of Gremlins.

Friday, August 15

Spend an evening in the Museum to experience live science activities including heart dissections and create your own slime. After the activities enjoy a presentation by Todd Raviotta and see a special presentation of Bride of Frankenstein in The Dome.

Summer Science Family Fun

Saturday, June 21

Are you afraid of the dark? Venture into the sunshine to celebrate monsters, from the iconic Bigfoot #1 The Original Monster Truck® to a monster trebuchet sending items soaring through the air.

How to Make A Monster is inspiring movie-goers everywhere until September 7, 2014.

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