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Ok, when I first heard about the Ventev Powerdash, I thought here’s another less than necessary gimmicky accessory that’ll end up in the box of unused gadgets.

nTelos was kind enough to send us a sample Powerdash to put to the test and after a month, we still love it. It’s been dubbed Mighty Mouse and has “saved the day” on so many occasions we’ve almost lost count. Here are a couple of those saves….

Choco Luca
Enjoying a bit o’ chocolate cake at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Save #1
Took the kids to Busch Gardens and used it to charge the phone on the way there. After hours of pictures, tweets, FB posts and instagrams, we had a dead phone. Luckily the Powerdash isn’t just a charger but also a back up battery which holds enough juice to provide a half charge for most smartphones or an additional 3 hrs talk time. Thanks to the back up charge, we were able to snap one of our fave pics of the trip.

Save #2
We lost power during a pretty hefty thunderstorm the night before leaving on an 800 mile road trip. In order to keep our schedule, we needed to be out the door by 4:30am.  A phone with less than 10% power doesn’t make a reliable alarm and wasn’t going to cut it, so we plugged it into the Powerdash, taking advantage of the back up battery power.  Voila!  Alarm went off without a hitch and we hit the road right on time.

Save #3
The kids were getting pretty restless (read cranky) – after having been in the car for 6 hours – and wanted to watch a movie on the iPad. Unfortunately, there is no DC outlet close enough to allow the iPad to be charged and watched at the same time. We simply plugged it directly into the Powerdash using the back up battery and had happy campers and peace & quiet for a whole hour and a half.

And that’s just during the first week! The Ventev Powerdash is small enough to carry in your pocket, is well built, has a light to let you know how much battery power you have and has a great hand feel and finish. If you want the best of both worlds – charger and back up battery – you simply can’t go wrong with the Powerdash.

This is one gadget that will definitely avoid the “box” of no return.

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