Mom Gives Dolls a Make-Under

What happens when an artist, illustrator and science communicator and artist gets ahold of some old Bratz dolls?
They get an incredible make under.

A mom in Hobart, Tasmania wanted to breathe some new life into old toys and accidentally stumbled upon something that a touched a nerve for a lot of parents.  Beautiful dolls without all the exaggerated make up.

Sonia Singh removes dirt and facial features from second hand dolls with nail polish remover and hand paints in new, softer features and replaces high heeled feet with flats.

After much encouragement she shared her dolls on Tumblr and from there, she went viral.

We’re excited to see that Singh will be opening up a Tree Change Dolls Etsy shop Feb. 15, 2015.  We’ll be sure to update when it’s open!

Take a look at some of these incredible Tree Change Dolls transformations:

Tree change dolls 2


Tree change Dolls 3


Tree change dolls 4

The tooth!! I love it!

Tree Change dolls 5

Watch an interview here:




Tell us what you think! Would you buy one? Does the hyper-sexualization of Bratz dolls and Barbie bother you or do you feel like they’re harmless?

Find Tree Change Dolls on Tumbr

Tree Change Dolls Facebook

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