10 TED Talks for Parents

photo credit: Madhavi Kuram

I have been very inspired by TED Talks lately. You can also check out my previous article on 10 TED Talks for Renewal. TED Talks are presentations from passionate, brilliant and innovative individuals in a variety of fields.  You can read more about this non-profit organization and their mission to spread ideas by exhibiting powerful, engaging presentations. […]

Mom Gives Dolls a Make-Under

Tree Change Dolls 1

What happens when an artist, illustrator and science communicator and artist gets ahold of some old Bratz dolls? They get an incredible make under. A mom in Hobart, Tasmania wanted to breathe some new life into old toys and accidentally stumbled upon something that a touched a nerve for a lot of parents.  Beautiful dolls […]

Parents Can Prepare Their Teens to Be Better Drivers

Parents can help teens be better drivers

That once-tiny child who used to cry when you left him at preschool is now an outgoing and independent 16-year-old who is ready to start — gulp — driving on his own. As most parents of young drivers know, teaching a child to drive is as much a rite of passage for the adult as […]

20 No-Tech Interactive Games

NoTech Games

Do you love to play games with your kids? Do you yearn for interacting in a fun way with your child that does not involve a screen? Have you have played every board game in your house and want something a little, well, less “board” and more “brain”? Here is a list of board-less games […]