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Nestig Cloud Crib: A Review and Video

When a kid sleeps, it is not predictable, but with the Nestig Cloud crib, if your baby is having a comfortable sleep, it is now predictable and assured. Cribs provide a safe and comfortable place for the baby to sleep. But a problem with most of the cribs is that as the baby grows, the crib is useless for the babies.

Researching for a crib can take days and hours. Even if you have great options, finding a crib that will not fit your bill is difficult. A relatively affordable, convertible, and absolutely adorable crib for your baby can be nothing better than the Nestig Cloud crib.

With this, let us begin and see if the Nestig Cloud crib is worth all the hype or not in this review!

About Nestig Crib

About Nestig Crib

Knowing your child is sleeping comfortably puts you at ease while you get some time for yourself. Ideal for homes where the space-confined rooms don’t allow a nursery, the Nestigcrib will do the magic. It is also perfect if you need a crib that eliminates all the high-tech details and is still adorable. Here is what NestigCloud crib is all about.

  • With a simple yet elegant design, with no extra ruffles, netting, and patterns, the crib appears minimal and elegant. From the journey of your child being a newborn to a toddler, the convertible crib will give your baby a safe place for his happy naps.
  • The Nestig cloud crib provides a solution that saves you from buying multiple beds for your child over time. With this perfect crib for your baby, you can design a nursery you have always dreamed of! It is an all-in-one crib that you can adjust as your baby grows.
  • The overall build quality of the crib is commendable. The commitment of the brand has built this product you can completely trust. The nestig crib also has a JPMA certification. While most of the brands use cheaper alternatives like heavy board or cheap wood, Nestig uses hand-carved and high-quality Brazilian wood. The attached rolling feet can help your kid take a nap or
  • It is made in Brazil, as suggested by the wood used in its manufacturing, Brazilian mahogany. The crib is lead and phthalate-free, a great purchase if you are looking for non-toxic finishes. You can not always know what your baby is putting in his mouth. With no toxins used in the crib, you don’t have to worry about your child ingesting something harmful for him.
  • It also supports a solid mattress with no odors, making it perfect for the kids. So if you are one of those parents who freak out about the suffocating smells that are common in most of the cribs, this crib will save you from the worries. Adding to the premium quality of wood used, the crib has spindles made from high-quality and high-strength steel.
  • Assemble the crib as a mini crib, making it a comfortable place for your infant to have a great nap. The crib can be transitioned to a mini crib, full-sized crib, or toddler-size bed space. For a growing baby, the size of the crib can be adjusted with different mattress heights. Reassemble it into a toddler bed when your baby grows and becomes a toddler.
  • The wheels attached to the crib make it mobile. Not that the crib is that heavy, but you can roll it to different rooms as your baby sleeps without waking him up.

Purchasing Nestig Cloud Crib

Purchasing can be a tough decision, so to help you, here is a guide to what you get when you place your order!



The cost for a Nestig cloud crib on its website is around USD 750, with a delivery time of two (for a crib in Walnut) and three weeks (for a crib in natural wood); the product ships from the store in Brazil, where the brand is located. Unlike most of your packages, the packaging will be wood-lined packaging instead of the regular cardboard box. What are the benefits? Your product is protected, and there will be no damage as your product gets delivered.

Items You Get with Your Order

Items You Get with Your Order

What do you get once the package gets delivered? In your order, you will receive three boxes (for a mini crib, a full crib, and the last one for toddler attachment). As you begin to purchase the perfect Bestig Cloud crib, you can choose from a few options like the color, mattress, and addition of a full crib mattress. There are two color choices offered by the brand, i.e., Walnut and Natural wood.

While you will always get a mini-crib mattress with your order, there’s a choice of adding an Air Mini Mattress [Lullaby Earth Breathe Safe Air Mini Mattress] (cost: $129) approx. The mini-mattress is an upgraded addition to the product, with a breathable and washable cover.

Unlike a mini-crib mattress, you will not get a full crib mattress. As the baby grows, you must convert the crib to a toddler bed, for which there is no mattress with the order. However, there are a few options on their website that you can purchase along with the crib.

Mattresses With the Crib

Mattresses With the Crib

If you wish to add a full crib mattress to your cart, there are three options available. Lullaby Earth Breathe Safe Full Crib Mattress with Washable Cover (cost: USD 280 approx) is a breathable and waterproof full crib mattress accompanied by a removable cover. The cover is washable. The two other options are the Newton Breathable Original Crib Mattress (cost: USD 300 approx) and the Naturepedic Organic Breathable Full Crib Mattress with Washable Cover (cost: USD 400 approx).

If you don’t like the product, you can return the crib. The company offers a 60-day return policy with a full refund which makes refunds and returns seamless. So if the product is not up to your expectations, you have the choice of returning it and getting a full refund. But we are sure the Nestig Cloud crib is not something you’d want to return once you fall in love with it.

Assembling the NestigCloud Crib

Assembling the Nestig Cloud Crib

With your parcel, you will get an instruction manual for the convenient crib assembly. Not only this, but you will also get a detailed email with the details of the crib with a guide to help assemble it. The pictures in the manual make the instructions easy to follow.

Before you begin with the assembling part, we have to mention how all parts are of premium quality. The quality is maintained not just for the wooden and steel parts of the crib, but there’s no compromise in hardware items like screws, wheels, rails, and feet. The easy assembly of the crib makes a smoother transition of the sleeping space for your child.

To make the assembly easier, the package also includes a wrench (from Allen). The assembly will not take too long, around 15-20 minutes if two people are together doing it. Assembling the mini crib is comparatively easier, but transitioning it into the full-size crib may take a bit longer. Converting it into a toddler bed again is a quick task.

1. The Mini Crib

The Mini Crib

The mini crib can be used for kids from the age of 0 to 6 months. Most of the cribs pose the inconvenience of being stationary, whereas the Nestig Cloud crib, with its attached caster wheels, solves the problem.

Made of shiny clear rubber, the tires are not only functionally important but also help in maintaining the aesthetics of the crib. Additionally, the different mattress heights make it convenient for you to get your baby out of the crib. With the rails, the child gets extra safety while he is having a happy nap time.

While other baby cribs use a mattress support made of steel wire platform, the Nestig Cloud crib has a solid mattress support. So your worries of a squeaking baby mattress no more will be a concern. With the right sheet, there’s no chance of your baby not having a cozy and excellent sleep in this crib.

2. The Full Crib

The Full Crib.jpg

As your baby grows, you will have to get your baby out of the mini crib. Disassembling the mini crib can take a while, so get your partner together and get started with it together. The full-size crib will have no wheels but will be a bit bigger than the mini crib.

Nestig Cloud Crib – The Quality

Nestig Cloud Crib - The Quality.jpg

The use of Brazilian wood, the quality is undoubtedly reliable. The details of the crib, like the elegant curves of the wooden outline, are a work of quality craftsmanship. Each part of the crib uses high-quality components, including all the hardware supplies it has for assembling the crib together.

Sometimes, the alignment and color variation of the wooden parts can concern detail-oriented parents, but all the other features of the crib overrule the two tiny quality controls. The culprit for the color variation can be the treatment and processing wood has to undergo during manufacturing, causing a color change. Color variation, more than being a quality defect, renders a more natural look to the crib.

Will the Baby Sleep Comfortably?

Will the Baby Sleep Comfortably

The first night of your baby in the crib, a whole new place for him, might not be as comfortable as expected. But as your baby forms a habit of sleeping in the Nestig Cloud crib, you can not disagree that your baby is sleeping peacefully.

The breathability of the crib ensures your child is having a good time napping in the Nestig Cloud crib. The sides, made of open rails, enhance the breathability of the crib, making it more comfortable for the baby. But does too much breathability mean it can’t be cozy? The small space of the crib ensures the space is comfortable and cozy for your baby to sleep in.



To demonstrate the safety and quality of the product, Nestig has a JPMA (Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association) certification for Nestig Cloud crib. Tested safely & individually for all the three convertibles of the crib, you can trust the brand blindly. The safety standards set by reputed organizations like CPSC and ASTM are met, and we would say even exceeded by the brand.

Designing Nursery with Nestig Cloud Crib

Designing Nursery with Nestig Cloud Crib

The magic of childhood should resonate with the space your child sleeps in. A blend of natural materials (wood) and steel makes this crib minimal yet aesthetically pleasing. Adding a nursery is expensive, but you can still dedicate a special place to your child with this crib.

From collections of delightful products for a nursery theme, you can make the space look heavenly. A white dresser with a sleek design will go perfect for pairing up with the crib. A rugbeneath the crib on the floor will be perfect to give it structure and texture. Whereas murals, wallpapers, and wall decals will cover up the final touches for a nursery feel.

Should You Buy a NestigCloud Crib for Your Baby?

Should You Buy a Nestig Cloud Crib for Your Baby.jpg

Whether you purchase the product or not will depend on your personal preferences. But the premium quality and comfort the crib provides make it worth a try. If budget is your constraint, there are other cheaper alternatives for the crib.

The crib receives tough competition from other brands like Babyletto Hudson (cost: USD 399) approx. Opting for other less expensive cribs is ideal, but Nestig saves a lot by eliminating the need for a separate bassinet. Moreover, the quality and premium products made it worth every penny you spend on it. So, the product is a great hit!


Choosing the right crib when your baby arrives is a tough decision. Not only is it expensive, but safety concerns and comfort for the baby are two concerns that should be evaluated carefully.

Nestig Cloud crib is one of the must-try crib options with unlimited features. Some of the best features of the crib are that it is convertible (3-in-1 crib), is non-toxic, has convenient wheels, and is built from high-quality materials.

Assembling the crib is easy, and it has three mattress levels from which you can pick one at your convenience. It definitely is the best furniture piece you will purchase for your beloved child. Give your child a comfortable and safe sleep with the Nestig Cloud crib, and let us know in the comments if you want any more reviews to read!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Key Features of The Nestig Cloud Crib?

Nestig Cloud crib offers features like non-toxic materials for manufacturing, a breathable mattress, adjustable height of the crib, rollers for convenience, and the use of high-quality materials. With practicality and aesthetics pairing together, the Nestig Cloud crib makes one of the best products to buy.

Is It Safe for Infants?

Designed with safety protocols, the crib is safe for your baby to sleep in. The rails provide extra protection to the sleeping babies and also allow visibility. The non-toxic materials ensure your baby is not exposed to harmful substances.

Where Can I Buy a Nestig Cloud Crib From?

The best platform to buy the authentic cloud crib from the brand is their website. Authorized retailers and online marketplaces are a few alternatives you have while purchasing. Ensure to verify the authenticity of the retailers before buying the crib.

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