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15 Easy-to-Follow Tie-Dye Patterns for Little Artists

Do you know how bright colors impact the brains of your children? Yes, bright or vibrant colors not only attract the eyes but they have a big impact on children. Where light colors like blue and yellow can bring positivity in them, dark and deep colors like black and gray can bring negativity. Along with this, bright colors also tend to affect the mood and behaviors of children.

So, we know how much a color can impact a child’s life. Now if you are worried, how can they make their lives joyful? Don’t worry. Tie-dyeing can be a solution to this. Tie-dyeing is the process of dyeing your shirts with different colors to make them more attractive. There are multiple patterns that you can dye on your shirt.

From spiral to rainbow, they are all beautiful and filled with joyful colors. In this blog, you will find 15 different tie-dye patterns that will make your children excited and attractive. So are you ready to unlock the world full of creativity?

Material Required for Tie Dye Patterns

Material Required for Tie Dye Patterns

If you want your kids to do some work, then you should make sure that they have the right resources to put their hands into. Here’s a list of the essentials that you will need while tie-dyeing.

  • White or Light Colored Shirts: You can use cotton shirts when tie-dyeing. It absorbs a good amount of colors and helps them last longer on them.
  • A Tie-dye Kit: If you are involved in this process, then you need to make sure that you provide a kit that consists of all the colors, water, and other necessary materials.
  • Rubber Band: Rubber bands are very important in tie-dyeing. You will need a lot of bands.
  • Gloves: While tie-dyeing patterns, wear gloves to avoid any irritation on your hands.
  • Plastic bags: These bags will help to minimize any trash by kids.

15 Tie Dye Patterns

1. Spiral

tie dye pattern abstract background.

Spiral is one of the most attractive and playful patterns when it comes to tie-dyeing. This tie-dye pattern is made by combining multiple vibrant colors. It swirls around the shirt with different colors that makes the psychedelic effect.

Steps to make a spiral tie dye pattern:

  • Put the gloves on your hands.
  • Then pinch the middle of the shirt with your thumb and index finger. And revolve the shirt in a clockwise direction.
  • It will make a spiral. Then use rubber bands to hold the spiral and put the rubber bands.
  • Once the shirt is fully spiraled and held tight, apply the dye on the shirt.
  • Then put the dyed shirt in the plastic bag to avoid dryness of the dye.
  • Wash it, and your tie-dye shirt is ready to wear.

2. Bullseye


A Bullseye tie dye pattern is another interesting design that you can dye on your shirt. It consists of concentric circles with a circular shape in the middle. The center circles are made with one color, while the revolving circles are made with multiple colors. This pattern is made by combining radiant colors and a target shape.

Steps to make a bullseye tie-dye pattern:

  • Pinch the shirt in the center and lift it so it drapes down.
  • Tighten these drapes by putting rubber bands on them.
  • Put multiple rubber bands and make different sections.
  • Once the shirt is all tightened up, apply the dye of multiple colors on different sections.
  • Make sure that you use different colors consecutively. This will avoid the mixing of the colors.

3. Crumple


A crumple design is one of the easiest and very unique designs. It is made by combining different colors randomly. These colors spread in small portions and bring life to the shirt. It also depicts abstract design, which ignites curiosity in the children’s minds.

Steps to make a crumple tie-dye pattern:

  • Spread your shirt in a dry space and make sure that the fabric is not wet.
  • Crumple the shirt as you wish and tighten it with rubber bands.
  • Ensure that there are wrinkles on the shirt. This makes it absorb the dye.
  • Once this is done, use different dyes and sprinkle them on the shirt.
  • You can use any color and make different combinations.
  • Apply the dye in every section and make sure that each section saturates the dye.

5. Sunflower


A sunflower tie dye pattern is a design that gives the shape of a sunflower on the shirt. It is very attractive in looking and contains bright colors. You can make it by combining yellow, green, and red colors, which creates a real sunflower.

Steps to make sunflower tie dye pattern:

  • Pinch the shirt with your thumb and index finger.
  • Revolve the shirt in a clockwise direction and make a spiral.
  • Without using any rubber bands, sprinkle the red or brown color in the center of the shirt.
  • Use yellow color on the side to give it a sunflower feel.

6. Horizontal Stripes

Horizontal Stripes

A horizontal stripe is a tie-dye pattern that gives horizontal lines to the shirt. You can make it with different colors. They are very eye-catching and easy to make.

Steps to make horizontal stripes tie dye pattern:

  • Starting from the left sleeve, fold the shirt to its very end.
  • Fold it in a way like you are folding a paper fan, back and forth.
  • Once you do this, tighten the draped shirt with rubber bands.
  • Apply the dye in different sections and wash it.

7. Kaleidoscope


A kaleidoscope is a pattern that is very attractive and eye-catching. This unique design is made with different colors and leaves a touch of art. You can make it in whatever color combinations you want.

Steps to make kaleidoscope tie dye pattern:

  • Fold the shirt and make a square, excluding the sleeves.
  • Then again, fold it diagonally and make it like an ice cream cone.
  • Once you do that, tighten the drapes with the rubber bands and make different sections.
  • Apply the dye to every section.

8. Heart


A heart pattern is a design that makes multiple hearts, one into another. These hearts are very colorful and provide a sense of joy in the hearts of the kids. You can use as many colors as you want and make it more interesting in your way.

Steps to make a heart tie dye pattern:

  • Fold your shirt in half and draw a half-heart on it.
  • Make small folds and tighten them with a rubber band at the line of the heart.
  • Create different sections and apply dye on each of them.
  • Once done front side, flip it and apply the dye, and your shirt will be ready with the pattern.



A rainbow pattern is a design that contains a rainbow in it. It is made by combining multiple colors. It is very alluring, and the design allows you to roam into the world of imagination. You can make a rainbow according to your colors.

Steps to make a rainbow tie dye pattern:

  • Fold the shirt from the middle in a vertical manner.
  • Draw a half rainbow on one side of the shirt with an erasable marker.
  • Start draping the shirt from one end, in back and forth manner.
  • Grab all the fabric and tighten it with the rubber bands.
  • Apply dye to different sections with different colors, and it will be ready to wear.



A chevron pattern consists of multiple V shapes drawn by different vibrant colors. Every color brings a different kind of feel with it and allows you to get into it. You can use any color you want and make it attractive and eye-catching.

Steps to make a chevron tie-dye pattern:

  • Put the shirt on the table and fold it vertically.
  • Then draw diagonal lines from the top of the shoulder to the center of the shirt.
  • Make sure that the mark comes at the top of the fold.
  • Divide them into small folds and gather them diagonally.
  • Then tighten these folds with the rubber bands and create different sections.
  • Once you do this, apply dye on the side and the other way around.
  • Wash it, and it is ready to wear.

11. Diagonal


A diagonal pattern is a design that brings different colors in the diagonal form. These are made mostly by using two colors and filled with different colors to increase their characteristics.

Steps to make a diagonal tie dye pattern:

  • Start from the left corner and fold the shirt like you are folding while making a paper fan.
  • Tighten the folds with the rubber bands, and it makes multiple sections of the shirt.
  • Then apply the dye in these sections alternatively.
  • Wash it, and the shirt is ready to wear.

12. Vertical Stripes

Vertical Stripes

A vertical stripes pattern is a design made with vertical folds and gives a new look to the shirt. This design is made similarly to the horizontal stripes.

Steps to make vertical stripes tie dye pattern:

  • Put the shirt flat on the table and fold it from the bottom hem.
  • Make the folds back and forth, like a paper fan, and do it carefully.
  • Once you do this, tighten the folds with the rubber bands and apply the dye.
  • The dye will spread in multiple sections and make the design colorful.

13.Fan Fold

Fan Fold

A fan-fold pattern is made by folding the paper back and forth. It is very attractive and colorful. You can use any color you want. Starting from one end, this pattern spreads all over the shirt and makes it eye-catching.

Steps to make Fan fold tie dye pattern:

  • Hold the shirt down in the line of the sleeve and start folding it from the opposite side.
  • Create multiple folds carefully, as there is a chance of losing the shirt.
  • Tighten them with rubber bands and apply the dye on every section.
  • The dye will spread all over the shirt and give its color.

14. Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse

A mickey mouse pattern, as you can know by its name, dyes the shape of a mickey mouse. It is very friendly for kids. You can make it by using different colors. It makes the shirt very attractive, and the mickey mouse steals the attraction of the people.

Steps to make mickey mouse tie dye pattern:

  • Fold your shirt vertically.
  • Put the half shape of mickey mouse and draw it.
  • Then gather the shirt by taking the line of the shape and making different sections.
  • Tighten these sections with rubber bands and apply dye to them.
  • Wash it, and the mickey mouse shape will sparkle on the shirt.


15. Polka


A polka design is very unique and appealing. It is made by combining mainly two colors. It contains big dots that are easily visible from a distance. You can make it by using any color your wish and make it attractive.

Steps to make polka tie dye pattern:

  • Take some plastic beads and attach them to the shirt in different areas.
  • Place the plastic wraps that are larger than the beads on the shirt.
  • At the place of the beads, place the rubber bands and tighten them.
  • Then apply the dye to the shirt and wash it.
  • Your shirt with polka dots is ready to wear.

16.Triangle or Square

Triangle or Square

A triangle or square pattern is a design that dyes small triangles or squares on the shirt. You can make it by using one or more than one color. It gives a geometric shape to the shirt and makes it unique.

Steps to make a triangle tie dye pattern:

  • Put the shirt on a plain surface and drape it from the top in a vertical manner, including sleeves.
  • Now fold your shirt in a triangle or square form. In back and forth, like making a paper fan.
  • Then cut small pieces of cardboard, slightly smaller than the folds, and put them up and down.
  • Make it like a sandwich. And tighten them with the rubber bands.
  • Now from between the open space, apply the dye to the shirt.
  • Gradually the dye will spread all over the shirt.
  • Wash it and dry it, and it will be ready to wear.


Tie-dye is a new form of bringing an artistic look to your t-shirts. You can do this playful activity with your kids as well. This will make them more creative and independent. But make sure that an adult is there with them while performing this activity.

Dyes are not harmful to kids, and they can use them very easily. This activity can help them in many ways. They can learn about colors and combinations of colors. Along with this,they will also make a lot of choices, which will help them make better decisions.

This activity encourages them to be more creative and engage with them. It will also allow them to learn teamwork and boost their imagination. So, what are you waiting for? Pick the colors and get ready to make your day more creative.Give us your favorite pattern and get to work on it right away!

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