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8 Disney Moana Costumes for Both Adults and Kids

The best thing about having kids is an opportunity to take part in childish adventures and become a kid all over again. Isn’t it? To live in their imaginary world and to be a part of their play is a wonderful feeling to be cherished forever.

And what better way to immerse ourselves in their imaginary world than by dressing up with them as a character from their favorite movie? One such movie that has garnered a lot of attention from both kids and adults was “Moana.” The character Moana is an absolute favorite among kids. Her boldness, strong attitude, and determination are quite inspiring.

It’s no wonder that many kids adore her and would love to wear a Moana costume for their next costume party. If you are looking to make a Moana-themed outfit, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will help you in selecting Moana’s iconic outfit for your kids and the whole family.

Moana Characters and Costumes

If you are serious about making a nice Moana-themed costume for your entire family, you should have a clear understanding of each character in this lovely movie. On the basis of the number of members in your family and their ages, you can choose the characters which suit them.

1. Costume for Moana

Costume for Moana

If you have an elder daughter, she will be perfect for becoming Moana. The iconic outfit features a two-piece dress that includes a patterned skirt and top with hair accessories. You can get the whole set of costumes that includes the outfit, necklace, wreath, and flower hairpin, or buy each element separately. These are available in almost all sizes. For toddlers, the outfit set is easily available; however, if you have a grown-up daughter, you may need to buy things separately. For the iconic hair, you can get a wig with curly black hair to get the perfect Moana look.

Additionally, you can get the magical oar to give your costume a perfect finish. It will bring the character to life. There are two ways to bring out the whole look of Moana. You can get all the costume elements and put them together or DIY them if you are one of those creative people. Needless to mention getting the readymade costume is easier, but those bitten by the creative bug can make their Moana costumes and just buy the necklace, the flower, and the oar to complete the look.

2. Costume for Maui

Costume for Maui

Maui is yet another beloved character from Moana. The Demi-God Maui is a muscular man perfect to be played by a father figure. For the costume of Maui, you will need a muscle t-shirt to be worn under the costume to get that macho, muscular look of Maui. The tattooed costume of Maui, along with the rope and leaves, can easily be bought online. To pull out the exact look long black hair wig can be used. A little makeup for the bold eyes of Maui can enhance the overall look.

To give a final touch to the look, don’t forget to get a caveman necklace just like the character wore. If you want to get an identical necklace to that of the character, you can DIY it, as the necklaces available online are not exactly the same. To top it all, you can get this magical fish hook just like the one in the movie. This fish hook has a motion sensor for lights and sound, enough to get your kids excited about their magical adventure.

3. Costume for Te Fiti

Costume for Te Fiti

For making the costume of Te Fiti, you will need to put all the elements of the character’s outfit together. First of all, get a green colored gown or long dress and a green colored wig. To add to the character, you can paint your face green to bring out the look. However, the best way is to DIY it with a green floral dress and add a few more yarns, moss, and silk flowers to bring the flared pattern of the dress.

For the hair, you can use a bunch of long flower vines; in fact, mix and match a few of them to create a whole bunch with a lot of greens and a few pink and green flowers. Make sure to keep them neatly separated so that they do not get tangled with each other. Moms in the family are perfect for wearing the costume of Te Fiti if you have a small family and are going to use only a few characters for your cosplay. If you have a large family, an elder sister or aunt can also dress up as Te Fiti.

4. Costume for Hei Hei (The chicken)

Costume for Hei Hei (The chicken)

Hei Hei costumes are by far the cutest outfits you will ever see. Your little kid would look so adorable dressed up in a Hei Hei costume. You can get Hei Hei costumes in many ways. There are overall Hei Hei jumpsuits available which will look so cute on little kids. The Hei Hei Jumpsuits are also available in adult sizes if you want an adult in your family to dress up as the character.

If you want to create a Hei Hei costume all by yourself, you can make it with the help of this DIY tutorial. This will turn out to be so pretty, and the greatest thing is that it doesn’t require any sewing. All you need is colorful felts in red, green, blue, black, and yellow, a few markers, a hot glue gun, a styrofoam ball, scissors, a knife, a bowl, and a few other materials, as given in the description. It’s a wonderful project that you can take up along with your kids. They are going to love making their favorite character costume with you.

5. Costume for Pua (The pig)

Costume for Pua (The pig)

If you have two little kids, one of them can be Pua, the pig, and the other one can be Hei Hei. Making a Pua costume is by far the easiest of all the characters of Moana. You can get that super soft and cuddly hooded jumpsuit and add in a few elements to make it exactly like the character. You can make the ears of the pig with the help of cardboard and add pink and white colored felt in the shape of ears, and attach it with the help of a headband. You can also sew it into the cap of the hoodie.

You can leave it at this stage, or if you want to go into details, you can also make a snout of the pig. For making the snout, use thick white cardboard and mold it into the shape of a snout. Now make the nostrils by cutting a circle with pink cardboard and pasting it into the white snout. If you don’t have time or don’t want to get in the hustle of making it, you can just buy them. Pua costumes are also available online as onesies in both adult and kid sizes.

6. Costume for Tomatoa (The crab)

Costume for Tomatoa (The crab)

Tomatoa is an important character from Moana. If you are looking to get this costume online, tough luck! As this costume isn’t easily available there. However, the good news is that you can DIY it totally. It may take up a considerable amount of time, but the result will be so worth it. So, if you are ready to take up the DIY project of making Tomatoa, first of all, you will need to purchase a purple hoodie and pants. You can enhance this attire by attaching various items to fashion crab claws and back.

To help you out in this endeavor, you can check out a few tutorials. This guide illustrates a step-by-step process of making Tomatoa beautifully. It doesn’t require a lot of materials, and all the materials can be put together easily through this guide to make a stunning costume for your kid. It’s a no-sew guide that doesn’t require any special expertise. You just need to pin up the legs (claws) with the help of safety pins. However, make sure that the safety pins are securely attached and do not hurt your little one.

7. Costume for Teka

Costume for Teka

Teka is yet another significant character from Moana that you can use for cosplay. If you have a large family and are planning to use all the characters of the movie, you will have to consider Teka, the main antagonist of the movie. There are many ways in which you can make this outfit. You can use a leopard printed overall for the costume and use a tutu skirt over it. Add a few red, yellow, and orange net fabrics to the skirt to bring out the look. You can paint the face with fiery-colored face paints to bring out the look of Teka.

Another way to go about making this costume is to make a smoke skirt and use a black and red shirt, preferably with a fiery print. You will also need to make a mask to create the whole look. Making the mask is not really difficult if you have a little creative exposure. You will need a few materials like black craft paper, tissues, mod podge, paints in yellow, orange, and red colors, and scissors to make the Teka mask. You can cut the sheet in the shape of a mask and paint it in fiery color. After that, you can glue pieces of black paper into different shapes to give your mask the look of Teka.

8. Costume for Grandma Tala

Costume for Grandma Tala

If you have a grandma at your home, you should also consider adding cosplay for Grandma Tala in the whole Moana costume. The Tala costume is not much different from the Moana costume. Tala’s costume includes an orange-colored top with a skirt and a drape around the skirt. You can make the prints on the skirt with vibrant Polynesian patterns with fabric paint. You can also decorate the bottom with seashells if you want.

For the hair, you can use a white hair wig, and the stone necklace remains the same for both Moana and Tala. Use a red colored flower and a few leaves to make the headdress. You can craft this flower and leaves with craft paper too. You can also use a cane just like the character, a flower in the hair, and white stone earrings to complete the Grandma Tala look. To truly capture the essence of this character, you will also need to pay attention to the posture of the character. Look how she is always a little bendy; the person playing this character should keep this in mind.


Making a Moana costume is definitely a fun and engaging activity. The best thing about using this movie for cosplay is that it has a humongous cast, and the whole family can dress up as one of the characters.

If you are planning to use the Moana costume for your next cosplay or Halloween party, you can make your own little Moana cast with the members of your family by deciding who gets to be which character. You can refer to this article and the references given here to pull out the look of each character perfectly.

We hope you loved our suggestions. Don’t forget to tell us how did you like it!

Till we meet again!

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