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15 BabyFirst TV Shows for Little Ones: Building Young Minds

Baby-first TV shows are the most critical choices a parent or a caretaker can make in their hand. This is going to be the impression or opinion of TV on the child’s mind for a lifetime. How we are using this is going to guide them throughout their journey of childhood, which might result in early adulthood too.

The management of screen time for toddlers is a tricky job. The guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics should be considered here. It says that a child below 2 years old is not allowed to have any screen or TV. They can engage in only video chats. For above 2 years, it should be a high-quality program or app with an option of adults watching it together to make the toddlers learn the most and best, toddlers above 3 years are allowed an hour of co-watching any high-quality program.

As the watch time is limited, you have very few minutes to spare for quality time with the screen. So choose it wisely! There are plenty of TV shows for developing kids’ socio-emotional skills. Education and entertainment are far different from each other. Get a precise presumption of which TV shows to show for your toddler from the list below.

Tv Shows with More Social Support

The TV show which you show your baby is ultimately a tough decision you can make. It should have the elements which are already known to the kid, like animals, the environment, or the way an object works, like driving a car. They have to be able to easily identify the characters on the screen.

1. Sesame Street

Sesame Street

Sesame Street is a preschool series that introduces early learning from letter sounds, numbers, colors, and patterns. This type of learning encourages the kids about the environment around them. This story takes place with the Muppet characters Cookie Monster, big bird, and Oscar the Grouch. One of the main specific features is its always updated curriculum, such as healthy eating and care for the world.

Available on PBS, Max

2. Bluey


This has become a family show, even though it is created originally for the kids. This show runs around a family of Australian Heeler dogs. Bluey, her sister, family, and friends are all characterized beautifully. The show has realistic child-like behavior with more delighted patterns.

Available on Disney+

3. Team Zenko


The superheroes in training are the performers here with an act of kindness in every step, like jumping into a doctor’s apartment to feed her pet dog or helping a kid to get over the fear of darkness. It’s a show designed to teach moral values and kindness.

Available on Netflix

4. Ask the Story Bots

Ask the Story Bots

The cool TV show features five mini robots living inside the computer who answer the questions from kids. The questions which the kids always ask us like, “Why is the sky blue?”. It is presented by searching the whole world with all the new creatures they meet to explore more and give more about the answer. This is the best option for curious kids who are asking questions about the world around them frequently.

Available on Netflix

5. Beat Bugs

Beat Bugs

The five most beautiful bugs ever, a ladybug, cricket, beetle, fruit fly, and slug, are the superheroes here. This is a mingling of Australian and Canadian minds which gives valuable life lessons to the little genius minds by staying in the backyard of their house.

Available on Netflix.

6. The Magic School Bus to Baby First Tv Show

The Magic School Bus to Baby First Tv Show

Educational TV shows for kids with science are a power pack of engaging content from our childhood. Ms Frizzle, the favourite teacher for every age, will take you on scientific adventures. Even though it may seem like this one’s for school going kids, it engaged the toddlers and their families with more learning opportunities.

Available on Netflix.

7. Peg + Cat

Peg + Cat

The company is that you might want to share this with your kid. It’s The Fred Rogers Company, so obviously way more good. The story is inspired by the children’s book, The Chicken Problem. A little girl Peg and her cute little kitty are the main characters here. They tackle all the issues with maths and problem-solving skills. It is a fun and easy way to teach and introduce kids to maths.

Available on PBS

8. Baby Signing Time


Rachel Coleman, the nominated sign language expert, launched a program called Baby Signing Time and Signing Time after giving birth to her daughter. In these amazing episodes, Ms. Coleman and her sister are doing a great job of introducing sign language to parents, babies, toddlers, and older children. This show is featured on the public television and streaming services. Also, you can purchase it too, as it is a much-worthy resource for the little ones, which makes the investments valuable.

Available on Amazon Prime Purchase, Smart Tv Subscription, and DVD.

9. Sid The Science Kid

Sid The Science Kid

One more science TV show with a curious and creative kid Sid who has a lot of questions to ask. You can find the episodes are separately filled with a quest to find a scientific query and a search to find the answer. This show is developed by the Jim Henson Co. It has a fabulous way of educating science to the kids.

8. Wild Kratts

Wild Kratts

Nobody has forgotten about the Kratt Brothers, Chris, and Martin Kratt, from their childhood memories, right? They taught us about animals and their lives. Now the new episode, The Wild Kratts, the brothers and going on an adventure to fight nature’s villains along with educating about the amazing facts and unique habitats of the animal world. This is the perfect choice for a baby’s first TV show to pick for your kid as it features the animals and the life around them.

Available on PBS Kids

9. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

The Clubhouse, filled with our all-time favorites, Mickey and Minnie, Donal and Daisy, and Pluto and Goofy, is full of engaging, fun stories with music and lessons on shapes, colors, numbers, and patterns to introduce to the toddlers. These classic Disney characters will teach your kids the basic levels by teaching beautiful dance and songs, sometimes even if you can’t stop singing by yourself.

Available on Disney.

10. Cocomelon


Cocomelon was a YouTube series when it started. Netflix bought all their beautiful nursery rhymes and original songs to give the benefits of learning everything from little J.J.’s adventure. This is packed with more songs and sounds of animals and teaching the numbers and letters. But be cautious with these series, as it might be an addiction that is hard to quit.

Available on Netflix.

11. Hello Ninja

Hello Ninja

Hello, Ninja is based on the book Hello Ninja Chronicles. Wesley and Georgie are getting into problem-solving with their ninja skills along with their sidekick, the cat Pretzel. This trio will solve any problem with their wild imaginations. This takes the kid’s imagination to the next level and makes them believe in themselves.

Available on Netflix.

12. Word Party

Word Party

Babies love baby animals without any second thought. In this series, the talking baby animals are formed as a group to start exploring the world and discover the answers to their questions. The daily activities of the little elephant, panda, cheetah, wallaby and tortoise are expressed in a fun way with music and song to build vocabulary skills and to understand the emotions in a better way. This helps in learning a foreign language for toddlers.

Available on Netflix.

13. Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig

The undeniable charm done by this show has a massive Peppa Effect on kids. This causes the kids to speak and behave like Britishers. The accent with lifestyle everything is combed with a British touch. Peppa and her family, with her peer group, go on adventurous trips, which teaches them and us to look good in everything.

Available on Paramount and Prime

14. Octonauts


The series is based on the books by Meomi. The team explores underwater creatures in every episode and turns into a final report on that particular animal. It’s a joyful journey for sea creature lovers. The toddlers get to know the sea creature and its lifestyle and other facts.

Available on Netflix and Prime.

15. Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood

Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood

The main character Daniel and his neighborhood are the leads. This five-year-old boy has become everybody’s favorite because the problems he faces are similar to our lives, like sharing things, getting frustrated, and how to deal with all these issues. The best part is this is derived in the form of a song with interesting strategies to solve them.

Available on PBS and Prime

Reducing the Screen Time

Even though you want to introduce the TV to your toddler, you do not want them to get addicted, right? By following these simple ideas, you can limit the access and the usage of screens in your house.

  • Create goals and set limits for your devices to go off within a certain time.
  • Spend more engaging time with the kids, like having a face-to-face conversation and giving your full attention.
  • Keep gadget-free zones and handheld devices away from your kids’ wells.
  • Go for a walk or play with your toddler outdoors to boost their mood and energy, along with improving their physical health.


The thought of introducing TV shows to your kids is both crucial and relaxing. It has both the effects of teaching them some valuable morals and, exploring the world, team working, maintaining and understanding emotions. The shows are more fun and lively to engage the kids with music and dance.

Kids love the characters and behave like them, which are more self-moralized and kind in nature. All-time favorites like Disney’s Mickey and His Friends, Peppa Pig, and The Kratt Brothers will teach your kid not only the numbers, shapes, and letters, they won’t forget to take your kid on an adventurous journey to gain problem-solving skills and team play. Certainly, your favorite show is also on the list, right? But do not forget to maintain a balance with your toddler on screen time. Share with us your favorite show which has educational value for a baby’s first TV show.

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