13 Creative Stamps Made With Stuff From Around The House

DIY Stamps cover

Snow is fun but even the best snow bunnies like to come inside.
Here are some easy stamps you can make with your kids where it’s nice and warm (with a mug of hot cocoa).  No need for a run to the store, these are items you may have around the house.

Toilet paper rolls


 Easy Fireworks Painting
Danya Banya

Fringe some left over toilet paper rolls to create cool fireworks.

toilet paper roll stamps

Toilet Paper Roll Stamps
Mama Papa Bubba

These simple stamps are easy as pie, and you can get more than one stamp out of each roll too.

roller stamp

Toilet Paper Roller
Who’s Who and Who’s New

Use foam stickers or try string, bubble wrap or textured fabric.

Corks and bottle tops


Wine Cork Stamps
Design Mom

Go ahead and open another bottle… for the sake of the children.


Sponge Painting
Boy Mama Teacher Mama

Use bottle caps to keep hands clean(er)

DIY Stamps for Kids

Bottle Top Stamps
Paging Fun Moms

These use foam stickers and bottle tops to make a bunch of cute stamps.

Bottle Stamp

Cherry Blossom Art
Alpha Mom

Or, just use the whole bottle.


fruit and veggie stampsApple and Celery Stamps
A Beautiful Mess

So cute you might use them for yourself (check out the gorgeous celery stamped scarf!)

Okra Stamp

Okra Stamps
This is Love Forever

I used to love celery stalk stamps, but okra may be the most adorable stamp I’ve ever seen.

Potato stamps with cookie cutter

Potato Stamps
Homemade Serenity

The potato stamp is a classic, but the way she cuts the pattern out of this potato stamp is brilliant.

Junk Around the House

pipe cleaner snowflake stamps

Pipe Cleaner Snowflake Stamps
Sugar Aunts

Perfect when you’re stuck inside on a snow day.


Spool Stamps

We made these DIY stamps last year and found they are perfect for little toddler hands.

Junk stamps

Get creative with stuff around the house
Play Based Learning

Got some old junk? Gather up buttons, foam, toothpicks, wire, string… whatever you got an have a cool stamp competition.  You might come up with some really creative patterns!

Have fun stamping and show us what you made!

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