Fashion Tips: An Interview With A Five-Year-Old Fashionista

My 5-year-old is a much better dresser than me. She’s fancy while spunky, classic while trendy, and just has that magical eye to see a jaunty headband would make all the difference.

Cupcake headband
Nailed it.

Since my daughter is always in style, I thought she could help us old people figure out how to keep up, keep in, and keep looking fabulous.

What is the most important color to have in our wardrobe this Spring?

Well, yellow and maybe blue and a bit green.

Yellow looks

What are the best patterns to compliment a look?

I think if you are going to a special place you should make it sparkly and wear your favorite colors but always have pink in it. Because pink is a pretty color for something. And maybe purple.

Sparkly Ninja
Special like a ninja party

How important is lipstick?

Not that important.

Shoes with glitter or without glitter?

Well, if you are going to a ball then you have to wear glitter on your shoes. But if you don’t have glittery shoes, wear regular shoes as long as they are high-heels and you’re a grown up. Or if you have permission.

Glitter shoes
Luckily, we have her covered.

What inspires you in creating your outfits?

I don’t have anything that inspires me. I just think of it, and I have it. I chose the shirt with the color I want and then I chose pants that match the shirt and a skirt that matches the shirt and pants. That’s it.

What’s the biggest fashion mistake you see?

Wearing brown and black without a skirt.

What’s trendier: long hair or short hair?

Long hair. But I’m not sure why.

Is brushing our hair worth it?

Yes even though I hate it because if you don’t brush your hair, your hair could get sick. So even if you don’t like to get your hair brushed, you have to or your hair will get sick.

In closing, this fashionista states, “For fashion, you inspire yourself.”

fashion quote

Thanks, my dear! I already look better.

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