10 Ways to Enjoy Hard Boiled Eggs with a Twist

hard boiled eggs with lime and old bay seasoning


Have you heard the news? The “incredible, edible egg” is back in the news – and it’s all good! Check out the health benefits of eggs here.

I grew up on eggs, eggs, eggs! My mother and I went to a neighboring farm to buy fresh eggs, and we ate them frequently. Very frequently. Almost daily. Fast forward to the 1980’s and we began eating eggs only on weekends, due to the concerns of cholesterol and the role eggs played in this health concern in the news.

Back then, I can remember my Dad talking with my grandmother about her daily egg habit, trying to see if she might consider paring down. She told him that she had been eating an egg a day for her entire life and she “wasn’t going to stop now”. She lived into her late 90’s.

So if it has been awhile since you have had hard boiled eggs, check out these old standbys as well as some new ways to enjoy these eggs with a kick. And the best thing about hard boiled eggs is the portability!

So, enjoy a hard boiled egg in these ways:


...with a dash of salt and pepper.

…with a dash of salt and pepper or just with fresh ground black pepper.


Hard boiled egg with old bay

…with old bay seasoning.

Egg Salad photo credit: Dan Iggers

…in a salad

in egg salad...photo credit: Tracy Benjamin

…in egg salad.

Don’t want to use mayo? Check out this mayonnaise-free egg salad recipe here.

Hard boiled egg sandwich with avocado and rosemary

…with avocado.

Check out this amazing (and healthy) recipe for grilled avocado-poblano egg salad sandwich with rosemary!

...with a twist of lime - seriously!

…with a twist of lime – seriously!

A friend from Mexico recommended this new-to-me way of eating limes and eggs and I can tell you this is an explosion of flavor!

...for deviled eggs. photo credit: Debbie R.

…for deviled eggs.


...add them to Ramen noodles.

…add them to Ramen noodles.


...as salade nicoise. photo credit: Paul Goyette

…as salade nicoise.

If you want to try your hand at making salade nicocais, try this recipe from Emeril Lagasse.

...or a curried egg salad variation.

…or a curried egg salad variation. Try this delish healthy recipe for curried egg salad.

What is your favorite way to eat hard boiled eggs?

Disclaimer: Talk with your doctor to learn if eggs should be a part of you or your family’s diet.