3 Lessons Moms Can Teach From March Madness

Basketball player

If you have basketball fans in your home, chances are good you are hearing a lot about March Madness. From the constant checking of brackets and games to the loud cheers and heart-tugging sighs of your family members, it’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement.

As it turns out, March Madness is about a lot more than basketball, though. In fact, the annual college basketball tournament offers plenty of life lessons that moms can use to inspire their kids. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the wisdom that can be gleaned from the tourney.

March Madness 101

Commonly referred to as The Big Dance, March Madness is the annual NCAA Men’s Division Basketball tournament. It starts off with 68 of the best college basketball teams and culminates in a final game that determines the best college team of the year. The DIG is a great resource for those of you who aren’t as familiar with March Madness’s lingo, brackets and rules.

Once you get a reasonable handle on just what all of the excitement is about, consider the following life lessons that March Madness presents:

You Will Use Math Outside of School

Moms everywhere are sure to love this lesson; after all, how many times have you endured the endless whining from your kids about why they have to learn math when they will never ever use it in the real world. This is your chance to point out that understanding all of the brackets, statistics and odds require some good old-fashioned math knowledge. So, yes, you can tell your kids that math is important. And yes, you will use it for the rest of your life.

Resilience Will Get You Far in Life

Odds and stats aside, not every team that is expected to win will advance to the next round. So, when an underdog pulls off a major upset — such as when No. 14 University of Alabama-Birmingham knocked off No. 3 Iowa State for what the Bleacher Report called “the first bracket-buster of the season” — use the game as an example for when your teen comes to you discouraged and unsure of him or herself. Remind your teen that people and teams can overcome all sorts of odds to beat the better team or overcome obstacles. These teams show that when they believe in themselves and their abilities, they can get the job done.

Life Doesn’t Always Give You a Second Chance

During March Madness, there are no do-overs, second chances or best 2-out-of-3s. If you win, you advance, and if you lose, you go home. As a mom, this is a tough but important life lesson to teach your kids because it will come up in their lives over and over again. So, when your teen is preparing for his or her college apps or getting ready for a first job interview, remind him or her to bring everything to the table because chances are good he or she may not get another shot.