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April 23, 2015 013It’s not surprising that the typical family’s grocery bill is the second biggest monthly expense after their mortgage.

Imagine a grocery store where you could slash the money you spend on food by up to 50%*, while continuing to enjoy high quality fresh meats, fruits, vegetables and baked goods.

Well, no need to imagine because the nations low price leader has come to Richmond and they are keen to show you how to save money without losing quality.

Of course, the first thing I think of when someone says “low prices” is what’s the sacrifice? And ALDI is no exception, but the surprising part is that unlike the typical drop in quality you might expect with lower prices, they have figured out some interesting ways to pass savings onto you while keeping to their standard of exceptional products.April 23, 2015 019

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak of the new ALDI store on Parham the day before the Grand Opening and I was honestly impressed. With a smaller foot print than the typical sprawling grocery store, it felt more welcoming and less overwhelming. The store was nice and bright, with high ceilings and the lay out was very open and accessible.

ALDI does a great job of taking the average grocery store’s 30,000 items and reducing them down to about 1,300 of the most purchased products. Take out the fluff and add some rotating seasonal items (currently hanging plants, patio items, yard essentials, warm weather kids clothes and flip flops, etc.) at a super low price and you’ve pretty much got the recipe for an ALDI store.

At every turn I was surprised at how great the prices were, especially when it came to the produce and meat section. Everything looked so fresh and the quality easily looked as good as any other store. They also included organic options and even a grass-fed organic ground beef.

You will see a handful of national brands, but your true savings come from enjoying the ALDI exclusive brand products which account for more than 90% of the available items. I was able to sample several of their products from German dark chocolate (Yum!) to brie and crackers (the brie was super creamy) and everything was really just as good as I’d expect from their national brand counterpart.

April 23, 2015 022ALDI brands also include a line of Fit & Active products for those of you with active lifestyles, as well as organic products and a newly introduced gluten-free line, liveGfree (tested some crackers and went back for seconds). Your little ones will love the kid-friendly items, including a couple of award winning products like their SimplyNature Kids Squeezable Fruit Blend.

The store also runs weekly specials and Special Buy items that are only available while they last. And in case you’re a biApril 23, 2015 027t squeamish about committing to buying private label items, they have a Double Guarantee, which is a no brainer. If for any reason you are not satisfied with a product, they will gladly replace it AND refund your money.

ALDI has also partnered with the USDA’s My Plate initiative to help guide their customers towards healthier and more nutritious eating habits.
So, saving money is always nice and you can definitely save a bundle at ALDI, the fresh foods look great and the products I tasted were really good, but just how do they do it!?

Well, here are some of the ways ALDI helps you keep some of that green in your pocket and full happy bellies at home…

Cart Rental: Rent your cart for a quarter, get it back when you return your cart = no carts strewn about the lot, no door dings and no employees collecting the carts.

Credit Cards: Don’t take ‘em. Cash, debit or EBT only = no credit card processing expense to pass onto you through higher prices.

Bags: No free bags. You’re encouraged to bring your own or you can purchase paper bags or their eco-reusable bags = eliminating the expense of providing free bags.

Check out: Super efficient check out with happy, seated cashiers who quickly slide items across theApril 23, 2015 047 scanner and directly into the cart = quicker check out and no lines.

Pack your bags: Pack your own bags, just the way you like it = no need for a bagger, fewer employees lower payroll.

Energy:  Energy efficient refrigeration/ freezers and lighting =  lower utilities, good business sense that translates into better prices.

Time:  Store hours are reduced compared to standard grocery store hours = by keeping the store open only during optimal times, they reduce utilities and payroll which also allows them to operate with fewer overall staff.

Two area ALDI stores opened on April 23rd with a total of five stores by Fall 2015.

Current stores are located at 1776 N. Parham Road, Henrico County
465 Charles H. Dimmock Parkway, Colonial Heights

*Based upon a price comparison of comparable products sold at leading national retail grocery stores.

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