Our Summer Fun List

The kids and I sat down over the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day Weekend, and made our summer fun list. I thought I’d piggyback off of my previous post, 5 Ways To Make Summer Parenting Easier, and share some of the ideas here.

  • Pocahontas State Park: We haven’t been as a family and heard the water area is especially fun at this local state park. We are even thinking of heading down one day after work in our RV and spending the night!
  • Free/$1 Movies: Regal Cinemas have $1 movies and BowTie has free movies on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.
  • Shopping Spree: I gathered the kids gift cards and spending money from birthdays and holidays and we make a morning of it. They get practice adding and subtracting and making hard choices to stay under budget and I can send friends and family pictures of the gifts they bought them. No unused gift cards here!
  • Gardening: I have so many seeds and random pots and even special markers to color the pots thanks to a lovely mother’s day gift a few years ago. June is probably our last planting month until the fall, but my daughter is especially excited to grow flowers so we’ll see what happens as it gets hot, hot, hot. At least we’ll have fun in the dirt.
  • Build a HUGE LEGO WORLD: We have tons of (organized!) LEGO bricks and will be creating the greatest city full of planes and trains and unikitties and batmans and princesses and ninjas. I cannot wait.
  • Wii-U Party: We are all in and playing for keeps one rainy day. Or one day that’s too hot to handle.
  • Bear Creek Lake: This state park is near Cumberland, VA, and we love visiting. We’ve stayed in their beautiful cabins as well as our RV and had a great time swimming, fishing and hiking. We’ve never done it as a day trip, but I think in the summer it would be very doable.
  • Backyard Campout: I only like camping in the RV but tent camping in the backyard MIGHT be okay. Or I’ll stay inside and my husband will be in charge of this one.

Summer Fun List
We will also head to the beach, pool, local playgrounds, and more. See you there!

PS. I also made our daily goals list, which I haven’t shown the kids yet, but we have talked about the idea of daily academics and chores as part of our summer routine. They each are okay with one of those so I’ll take it and share it with you in my next post!


Note from the editor: Keep your eye out for Richmondmom’s annual RVA Summer Fun list coming out soon!