Healthy Pool Snacks

photo credit: Tonya Staab
photo credit: Tonya Staab

Pool season is upon us, whether you enjoy going as a family, for a swim meet, or just for a little “me” time without the kids (wait, what?). When it comes to toting pool snacks, I am very unimaginative. I stare at the refrigerator or pantry and they mock me, as everything I seem to reach for is either not conducive to heat (anybody ever dealt with melted energy bars in the bottom of your bag?) or portable. Then, when I get to the pool, as I am nonchalantly checking out other families’ foodstuffs, I think to myself, why didn’t I think of bringing ______?

7271118362_b98e7f26f0_h (2)So this year, I made a list of our go-to pool snacks for easy reference. My criteria for foods are:

  • portability
  • perishables are easily cooled in a cooler
  • at least moderately healthy
  • in non-glass containers
  • relatively mess-free

So whether you are lounging by the pool or powering up for the endurance of a lengthy swim meet, bringing food is critical. Trust me, I know. Check out my humble Initiation of a Swim Team Mom to find out how I know. For general guidelines on nutrition leading up to and during a swim meet, consider Smart Eating for Swimmers on Race Day from USA Swimming. For our family, it is easier to leave greasy food at the snack bar when I have snacks available. I also try and bring extra for sharing, since hanging out at the pool is a social event. It is, right? Or is it only my kiddos that go around foraging for food from others when I haven’t packed enough treats?

200194365_b4cf2eb11c_o (2)So this year, I will have my “go to” list so that I can remember what to bring to the pool party. Check out my downloadable Healthy Pool Snacks Checklist You may also find our family’s Pool Provisions Checklist beneficial to check off all the other things you need to haul to the pool.

What snacks and other items do you bring to the pool? What other suggestions do you have to add to my lists?