Relay Foods Baby Box is a No-Brainer for New Parents *Review & Giveaway*

relay foods baby box

It’s no question Relay Foods is a busy parent’s best friend.
And the brand new Baby Box from Relay is now also your go-to gift for new parents. Pick it up or have it delivered,  The Relay Foods Baby Box is a thoughtful combination of items for a new mom:

– Pack of Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Diapers
– Pack of Field Day gentle-touch chlorine free wipes
– Seventh Generation disinfecting multi-surface cleaner
– Rainbow unscented baby lotion made with herbal extracts
– Chocolove orange chocolate
– Wildly American Detox Bath Bomb
– Adorable onesie (perfect for adorable babies)

Relay Foods Baby Box makes a great gift for new parents

Gratuitous baby butt.
Gratuitous baby butt.

Let’s talk about the diapers for a minute… I’ve been wanting to try Seventh Generation diapers because I like most of their products; I’ve been hesitant because I’ve found the difference between a well designed diaper and a crappy one is a messy carseat and a lot of extra laundry. I was surprised by how much I liked these diapers, softer than I expected and super stretchy tabs. A size 1 fits a 9lb 10oz newborn quite well.

The unscented lotion was another winner: it’s lightweight, absorbs quickly and leaves skin soft and protected… confession: I used a little bit on my own chronically dry elbows and I might not give it back to the baby.

I haven’t used the cleaner yet, but it will be perfect for cleaning up the mess my 2 year old is currently making while I breastfeed with one hand and type with the other, saying “Please don’t” to absolutely no avail. On a related note, cereal with milk plus a two year old is a terrible combination.

This is keeping me awake enough to write this review.
This is keeping me awake enough to write this review.

This brings me to possibly the most important part: chocolate. Mama needs a break, which is why the addition of the chocolate and bath bomb is really, well, sweet.  The orange chocolate is a yummy pick-me-up when your eyelids start getting heavy due to lack of sleep, while the locally made bath bomb is a great excuse to pass the baby off to your partner and get a little peace and quiet (and maybe a few pages of a good book) in the tub. <- This is my plan for the evening.

The good news is, if you love any of the products in your Baby Box, you can keep ordering them from Relay Foods; have them delivered or pick them up one of the many pickup locations in Richmond. 

Relay Foods Baby Box combines the practical and the thoughtful for a perfect gift for new parents (or to get for yourself). Order it here.

Langston loves his Relay Foods swag
Langston loves his Relay Foods swag

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One Baby Box was provided by Relay Foods for review.
Opinions and adorable baby are my own.