Dream Dinners to Make in September (and Eat Whenever)

It’s the hustle and bustle of back to school time around here and we’re SO relieved that dinner can be quick, easy, homemade and in the fridge waiting for us.

I had a great time meeting some of you wonderful women at the Dream Taste in August! If you didn’t make it out there are some delicious things on the September menu that I can’t wait to get in and make!

chicken bacon ranch sandwich

Chicken Bacon Ranch Stuffed French Bread

I always pick the sandwich off the menu because they are great for weekend lunches.  Stuffed french bread sandwiches are something I never think to make on my own… in fact, sandwiches are probably my least creative meal, so this will be a great departure from what they get in their lunch boxes every single day.  Serve this one up with seasoned fries or even some tomato soup!

Simmered Chinese Chicken

Simmered Chinese Chicken with Jasmine Rice

Save yourself money and calories and keep this on hand when you’re craving take out or delivery.  Make up you own homemade chicken and rice for less time and money than it would take to go pick some up or have it delivered.

DD steak Tacos

Carne Asada Steak Taco with Family Night Sides

There’s lots to catch up on with school back in session!
Gather around the table and share the stories with a family taco night. Serve all the fixin’s on a big platter and have them outside in the backyard while the weather is still warm.

Check out the whole menu here and schedule a time to come in and make a month of dinners in about an hour! Make you own menu and schedule your time here.

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Dream Dinners

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