What’s That Smell? FreshWave Review and *Giveaway*

I’ve mentioned that I have boys, dogs, a cat, and I’ve mentioned that I have a small house.

I neglected to mention something that occurs when you combine 4 boys (2 in diapers), 2 dogs, 1 cat in a small space: weird smells.

The truth is I’m kinda funny about the way things smell.  I can’t stand perfume or room fresheners or candles purchased from places you have to hold your nose before entering.  My bath stuff is largely unscented and we use unscented laundry detergent.   Fake, perfum-y smells give me an instant headache.  So I figured if my only choice was to cover up the smells with perfumes then I would just have to live with the boys and pets stink.

But when I came across FreshWave at MommyCon in DC, I was intrigued.

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FreshWave is about eliminating odors rather than covering them up using natural ingredients like water and essential oils to eliminate odors on a molecular level.  (Sounds so scientific when you put it that way.)

Okay, whatever, I’ll give it a shot. On a nice day when I can open all the doors and window if it hurts more than it helps.

I placed the room freshener gel under the leaky sink.

I put a small space packet in the car.

I sprayed my son’s shoes that he refuses to wear socks with and subsequently stink to high heaven.

And lo and behold, the leaky sink smell isn’t the first thing that greets me when I walk into the kitchen, the car smells fresher and even my son’s disgusting shoes aren’t NEARLY as offensive as they used to be, and after a second spray they weren’t offensive at all!

So, naturally I kept going…

I sprayed the dog bed. I sprayed the whole area where the dog hangs out…. I considered (but didn’t) spraying the dog.

I put a packet at the bottom of the trash can where I throw the dirty diapers.

I sprayed the fabric shower curtain that smelled mildly of mildew despite the fact that it’s clean.


Finally, I just left the sprayer in the bathroom which I regrettably share with the kids.

The initial scent upon spraying or opening the room freshener has a slightly spicy smell… mostly hints of essential oils from cloves & pine needle but those scents quickly dissipate leaving the sweet smell of absolutely nothing in it’s wake.

There are a few things that seem to have automatic residence in my cart every time I visit Target, and FreshWave is about to be one of them.  I may need a packet for every pair of shoes in the house.

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Try it for yourself!

Enter to win a full sized spray, gel and packs from FreshWave.

Can’t wait? Pick up your own at Target.

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