Unlikely Pair at Metro Richmond Zoo… Most Adorable BFFs Ever?

Kumbali and Kago from the Metro Richmond Zoo
Kumbali and Kago from the Metro Richmond Zoo

You may have seen videos of these two floating around… but did you know that Kumbali and Kago are at the Metro Richmond Zoo?!

Poor Kumbali wasn’t gaining weight, and fearing that things didn’t look good for the little guy, they decided to hand raise him to give him his best chance at survival.

Male cheetahs are highly social animals, so in order for Kumbali to thrive, he needed to bond with another four legged friend. Taking a page from the San Diego Zoo, the Metro Richmond Zoo sought out to find just the right canine companion for Kumbali.

After searching high and low they finally found the perfect fit.
Kago is a lab mix from a high kill shelter in Alabama. Now, not only has Kago been given a new life in Richmond, but he has a new (albeit surprising) best friend.

The story of Kago and Kumbali has quickly gone viral (I mean, look at these too, why wouldn’t it?) but lucky us… we can see this pair in person at the Richmond Metro Zoo.

According to the Metro Richmond Zoo website:

Kumbali and Kago can be seen at the Zoo Monday through Thursday from noon to 1 pm. On Fridays and Saturdays, they will can be seen from noon to 1 pm and again from 3pm to 4pm. “The boys” will be on exhibit in a temporary enclosure beside the kangaroos.

Watch the story of Kago and Kumbali with your kids below. Read more of their story at the Metro Richmond Zoo website.