When Kids Think Of Others #RVAKidsDonate

Thanks to everyone who came out for our first #RVAKidsDonate event.  It looks like everyone had a great time and, most importantly, the kids took charge made a real contribution to FeedMore!


RVAKidsDonate 1

Parents and grandparents who came were awesome about being facilitators and letting the kids make their own choices about what to buy.

RVAkidsDonate 2

I love that giving the kids a budget rather than asking them to pick out x number of items really made them have to think about what they wanted to spend the money on.

RVAKidsDonate 3-compressed

Personally, I find it interesting to see what my son chose to donate. I love that he really wanted to make sure he got some for babies too.

RVAkidsdonate 5-compressed

Max felt pretty good about making such a big donation and between all of us who participated, we really packed that donation bin full of food!

Rvakidsdonate 6-compressed

Thanks to everyone at Martin’s and again to everyone who participated in our event!
Oh… and FeedMore… The Midlothian Martin’s donation bin is full ;)

Congratulations to Elizabeth Ford who won our Dream Dinners Gift Certificate!!

Love this event and think we should do it again? Let us know in the comments below.