Educational Explorers: A Camp Designed for Kids & Parents

eeEducational Explorers is one of the most exciting camps to join the Richmond “camp scene.” This summer it is offering a cultural exploration camp for elementary school children called Global Explorers, and a mock trial camp for middle schoolers called Young Barristers. Both camps promise to be lots of fun, but also have enriching curriculums that will keep your child engaged and learning throughout the summer.

There are lots of summer camps in RVA, but the concept behind Educational Explorers was born out of a mother’s frustration with the summer camp experience. Camps that were great experiences for kids were not friendly to the working parent or their budget; while camps that were parent-friendly were basically daycare for big kids with very little mental stimulation.

After years of registering for the “best camps,” and by summer’s end feeling run ragged from 3:00 pickups; and the stress of prepping her child for school in the fall – the founder, Elan Taylor, decided it was time to start her own camp. “I wanted to create a camp where my children would be actively engaged in learning, but it would be fun and still feel like camp. At the same time, it was really important that the camp be affordable and have extended day options- because that’s what I need as a working parent whose kid is in camp for 10-12 weeks per summer.” This is how Educational Explorers was born.

This summer’s camps will be held at the Temple Beth El Religious School (at the intersection of Parham & Derbyshire); and extended day is available for each session. The camps concentrate on broadening children’s horizons through exposure to other cultures and sharpening communications skills.

The Educational Explorers team- composed of parents and teachers- created the Global Explorers curriculum to expose elementary school children to the different cultures of countries around the globe. They will literally go on a journey around the world without leaving the classroom- learning about languages, foods, music, games and more.

Young Barristers is a mock trail camp for middle school students, but it is so much more than students putting on a mock trial. The middle school students will refine their communication and presentation skills. They are part of a trial team and they’ll do exercises to help them understand the importance of their work as an individual and team member.

Educational Explorers’ camps promise to offer Richmond children an enriching, imaginative and fun camp experience!  To learn more about the camps, check out  If you register by April 1st using the promo code RVAMOM, you’ll save $35.

Educational Explorers