Unique School Valentine Ideas

School Valentines Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! That means it’s time to start thinking about school valentines for the kids. For some parents, this can be a bit of a daunting task. If you’re over the store bought valentines or want to give a healthier or unique twist on the typical candy, here are some unique School Valentine Ideas


Minion Valentine
Despicable me was a huge movie this past year. These Twinkie Minions are so cute and it makes for an easy craft that the kids can do themselves.

All you need is Twinkies, googly eyes and construction paper!





Kool Aid Valentine


This one is fun for a change of pace. You could even tie these valentines to a water bottle so the kids could make their Kool Aid right away!






Glow sticks valentine


Everyone loves glow sticks! This is a fun way to avoid the sugar rush while still giving a fun valentine.

Tip: Target usual has packs of glow sticks available in the dollar spot.





Pop Rocks Valentines


These are great for the older kids! Pop Rocks are so fun to eat and it’s a more unique treat than typical chocolate or fruit snacks.





A Goldfish


Goldfish is another option if you want to stay away from candy and these name cards are adorable!

Tip: You can easily find printable cards just like this one online.




Crayon Valentine


Crayons make a great valentines for pre-school and Pre-K! You can even attach them to a small coloring book or make the card itself a coloring page.






Doritos Valentine


Another great snack valentine option! This could also make for a fun treat in your kid’s lunch boxes to make their Valentine’s Day extra special.





A Fruit


Fruit can also be a great valentine treat! You could also do a banana with card that says, “You’re my favorite of the bunch!”




Gum Valentine


Don’t forget about the teachers! This is a sweet gesture that your kid’s teachers will be sure to appreciate.