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Our Richmond Moms stay so busy keeping their kids fit and healthy, but now it’s their turn! Bethany from Happy Body Wellness is here to keep our special winner looking and feeling her very best!

Happy Body Wellness

Happy Body Wellness was started in Richmond, Virginia by Bethany Watkins, a Registered Dietitian, on the belief that nutrition, fitness, stress management, and rest are all integral parts of our well-being. Bethany’s method of nutrition counseling is one that focuses on showing her clients how their bodies interact with food. Understanding the effects that food has on the body is at the center of the Happy Body approach. Once one understands the relationship between food and well-being, it is easier to build a foundation of positive habits and behaviors.

A core belief of Happy Body Wellness is that nutritional counseling and services should offer a realistic approach to improving one’s life. Life should not be about obsessing over food choices, numbers on the scale, or involve crash diets and cleanses. We strive to provide every client with the skills to make informed healthy food choices and informed decisions regarding nutrition. Once these skills are learned, you can utilize them throughout life to sustain the achieved goal of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Happy Body Wellness

Working with Bethany as your dietitian and following her approach will grant you the opportunity to understand the reasoning behind healthy behaviors. Clients working with Happy Body Wellness will have an exciting nutritional experience; an experience that enables them to take control of their life and ultimately their health. Bethany offers comprehensive wellness counseling including nutritional guidance, fitness coaching, stress management strategies, and techniques to improve sleeping habits.

As a team, we will determine a wellness plan that helps you accomplish your goals and sustain a healthier, happier lifestyle. Each one of us is unique and requires a different recipe for success and a healthy lifestyle; the Happy Body Wellness mission is to make that happen!

When not wearing her Dietitian hat, Bethany life is packed with physical activity as she spends her time training clients, teaching various fitness classes at five separate clubs around the Richmond area, and training for triathlons and other endurance races. In addition, Happy Body Wellness hosts private fitness parties for all different celebratory events including weddings, children and adult birthdays, bachelorette parties, and team building.

Bethany enthusiastically looks forward to sharing her health, wellness and fitness knowledge as she motivates and inspires you to get and stay healthy.

Happy Body Wellness


The Ultimate Wellness Prize Package:

Nutrition Consultation + Fitness Coaching

A 45 minute one on one fitness coaching session will allow us to work together to set fitness goals and implement the best methods for keeping track to reach those goals. In addition, we will discuss ways to stay motivated and accountable into the future. Lastly, I will work with you to determine the best exercises to build a strong fitness foundation and tailor the workout to your lifestyle.

A 60-minute comprehensive nutrition consultation will allow me to make specific recommendations customized to fit your lifestyle. customized nutrition portfolio with dietary analysis, recommendations based on goals, meal plans, recipes and resources.

Included is the following:

  • One 60-minute initial assessment 
  • Customized nutrition portfolio with dietary analysis, recommendations based on goals, meal plans, recipes and resources.
  • A follow-up via email or phone to follow up, check-in and provide additional explanation on any questions clients may have.
  • A comprehensive new client packet that includes multiple nutrition resources tailored to your lifestyle and needs including energy requirements (caloric, macro and micronutrient needs), meal plans for your energy requirements, meal and snack menus, recipes ideas, shopping lists, stress management strategies, and fitness coaching tips.

You can find out more about what Bethany is doing Happy Body Wellness here!