My Dad is a Liar

My Dad is a LiarOne of the biggest roles you take on as a parent is making sacrifices for your kids. Every single day, in one way or another, you find yourself giving something up so that they can have more. Whether it be your time, resources, emotional energy or the last cookie, you know what it means to put your kids first. And you make those sacrifices with the knowledge that they may never understand exactly what you’ve given up for them. Coming into that same situation from the other side, as a child, it’s such a powerful moment when you finally recognize some of the sacrifices your parents have made for you. Becoming a parent yourself is often the driving factor to making that recognition. This video dives into this subject in a really significant way as you see a father through his daughters eyes and discover why she believes, “My Dad is a Liar”.

This video was originally released as a MetLife insurance commercial in Asia and has been making its way around the world since then. Heads up, you may want to grab a tissue! It is an emotional video, but completely worth it.

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