Funny New Year’s Resolutions From Kids

Many of us try to set New Year’s resolutions to improve an area of our lives for the coming year.  The resolutions range from wanting to get healthier to spending more time with the kids.  We all have the best intentions but it can definitely get tough to stick to them.  We have some funny New Year’s resolutions from kids that will surely bring you some laughs but also encourage you to stick to yours.

Joey has set an admirable goal of reducing the sugar in his diet.  He also is a realist and notes that he probably won’t keep the resolution!


Many of us have bad habits that we try to kick.  It isn’t easy all the time.  We do hope that Hadssah does quit!


Declan goes all in on increasing his Vitamin C intake.


Making resolutions
Kendra makes a good point.  We wonder if she speaks from experience.


Don’t worry Brianna.  Some adults respond the same way to bugs.


Teenagers like Maggie are so easy to embarrass as a parent.  Some parents just need to bust a move and dance the whip, the cabbage patch, electric slide, and of course, the Macarena!


Sometimes everyone needs a little motivation to make a New Year’s resolution.


We wonder if Annie comes across many dogs stuck on cliffs.


Can you ever eat too many bananas?


When you set goals, you need to be ambitious.  Will is definitely ambitious!


We hope that you are able to enjoy these funny resolutions.  If your child has made resolutions, please feel free to share with us below in the comment section.