Explore the Science Behind Transportation in “Going Places” Before It Sets Sail!

Science Bicycles DSC08080Today’s family is constantly in motion – work, school, practice, etc. Even when on a vacation we are still on the go! Life can get crazy, but have you ever stopped to think about the science behind all of this movement? The Science Museum of Virginia has the answers at its thought-provoking and fun exhibition, “Going Places.” With 20 interactive elements, families have a lot to discover about the technology behind the transportation that allows us to keep up with our busy lifestyles!

But come visit soon. “Going Places” will be going away August 19!

Science Flight-simulator-Going_Places_Printsize-39The exhibition breaks down the science behind travel across land, sea, and air and lets everyone experience the movement itself! Is your family getting ready for a vacation? “Going Places” gives you a hands-on way to get everyone involved with the whole of idea travel. Start off by loading all of the luggage in the car to appreciate the strategic thinking that goes into making everything fit. Once at the airport, use the luggage loader to see how math is incorporated at the airport to get the right luggage to the correct plane, most importantly- on time. Next, control the flight simulator and get an inside look at how much more goes into flying than simply turning left and right.

Science Hoverdisk DSC07978 (1)With so much to do, you may want to sit down and take a little break and “Going Places” has you covered there, too! Take a seat in everything from a high-speed race chair to a theater chair to learn about how each is engineered differently depending on their purpose. Or take a seat on a hoverdisk and learn how a cushion of air allows for movement.

Once rested, you can jump back in and learn how to fly a blimp, pack a cargo ship without capsizing it, build an engine, sail a land yacht and more.

After you’ve gotten hands-on with all modes of travel, you can take the carbon challenge to learn just how much carbon you produce in your everyday travels and how some simple changes in your lifestyle can reduce your carbon footprint.

“Going Places” is scheduled to depart the museum on August 19, 2018. Don’t miss your opportunity to have fun, make family memories and learn about our world at the Science Museum of Virginia!

To find out more, visit smv.org.

Content and images for this article were provided by the Science Museum of Virginia.