When The Monogram Goes Wrong: A Hilarious Parody

Bad MonogramNaming kids is hard. First, you have to remember every person that you’ve ever known and rule out the names of everyone you didn’t like. Next, you have to go through your partner’s list of exes. The next stage is listing all of your family members’ kids, followed by your friends’ kids, making sure you don’t “reuse” a recently used name. Now, and this one’s always tricky, you have to remember every name that your sister/best friend/cousin told you they were going to use for their first child…when you were 12. And finally, there comes the ultimate litmus test. The end-all be-all of naming decision makers…the monogram.

Because let’s be honest, Richmond Moms. We love a good monogram. We put them on beach towels and baseball caps. We order vinyl stickers for our cars and nurseries. We buy guest towels and wine glasses with a newly created monogram for wedding gifts. And what kind of parent would we be if our kids went to school without a monogram on their first backpack? (Or their second and third…and so on.)

Now trust me, I don’t say this with any judgment. Maybe it’s a Southern thing, y’all. And I am as guilty as the next person when it comes to the monogram. My kids have slept on monogrammed pillowcases. I have monograms on everything from beach bags to make-up cases. But the monogram is a serious thing. If you’re committed to it, you have to think things through.

For example, when you get married, you have to decide whether to keep your given middle name or your maiden name. When you have kids, you have to think and think hard about what their initials might spell in monogram form. These are serious issues.

And that’s why this week’s Share Saturdays video had us laughing for hours. This parody of what a “Bad Monograms Support Group” might look like was all too real. I mean, who hasn’t thought about what those fateful letters might spell when printed on a mug or tote bag or keychain?

And for the record, you HAVE to watch until the end, because the last monogram is the one that ensured that my second child’s middle name was “Marie” and not “Scott.” Trust me on this one.

If you love a good monogram as much as the next Richmond Mom, then you’re going to LOVE “If Bad Monograms Had Support Groups.”

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