The Day My Son Stole My Mojo

the culprit on the day he left

  Two years ago my first son Beau left for his freshman year at college and I lost my mojo.  I can’t call it a crisis because I didn’t leave my husband, get a red convertible or run off to Mexico but I DID dance on a bar and I DID spend too many nights […]

Whose Game Is It Anyway?


Dear Robert’s Dad, I used to be like you. Oh I was never quite so bad.  I never yelled expletives or plotted my revenge on the referee.  I never turned purple or glared at the opposing team’s parents as if they carried arsenic in their pom-poms. But I cared.  I cared so much that I […]

If You Think the First ‘I Do’ Is Important: Think again

Becky Suder

By Rebecca Suder My husband had no idea what he was getting into when he said, “I do” nine years ago. I am what some might call a difficult woman.  I want things the way I want them and when he walked into my place of business over eleven years ago, I knew I wanted […]